Ramakrushna Sahu Quotes

Real pleasure is the result of creativity, which is not in acquiring the external world but in expressing the inner world. In acquiring you become imprisoned and in expressing you become liberated.
 To be creative is to be violent. Thought which is word is violence. There is life in dying. In killing is creation. Where there is total silence there is no action and no violence.
The colour of poetry is not that of the stark sunlight but of a rainbow, which is a reflection of sunlight. In poetry truth is not discovered but enclosed in colours for the readers to explore.
Poetry is not simply expressing thoughts in words. It is expressing feelings in a structure of words that becomes a reality in itself. This poetic reality is treated a greater truth than the physical existence.
Poetic reality
Authority is not love, humility is. Becoming is not love, dissolution is.
Any psychological accumulation gives birth to the ‘me' which acts as a mirror. The image on the mirror is not the truth.
All doors of learning are closed when one thinks that he knows. All opinions and conclusions are like stagnant water that soon stinks. Do not round up truth before going through it, before realization.
All psychological problems are a disease. It cannot be cured by escaping through art, philosophy and religion but by proper treatment. It must be faced, observed and its truth be discovered.
psychological problems
A life with check and balance is a life chained. It must flow like water and blow like air.
All things, animate or inanimate are one indivisible existence of the one Self. When this truth is realized by the individual in every part of his being he becomes liberated from the Ego.