Ramesh Chandra Jha Biography

Ramesh Chandra Jha was an Indian poet, novelist and freedom fighter. His poems, ghazals and stories evoke patriotism and human values. Romanticism and struggle of life are also the important aspect of his writing. His poetry expresses concerns of people's life struggle, their dreams and hopes.

Born on 8 May 1925 in the village Phulwariya of East Champaran district in Bihar Ramesh Chandra Jha became rebellion and convicted for Police robbery at the very young age of 14.

He was not just a patriotic poet from Bihar but went to jail many times during the British rule because of his daring involvement in 1942 Quit India Movement. He was student of Hazarimal High School, Raxaul that time and he was entrapped into several cases of the robbery at police stations during freedom struggle.

S. R. Bakshi and Ritu Chaturvedi wrote in his book 'Bihar Through The Ages'- "At his phulwariya village in great hardship, Gokul Thakur ordered Ramesh Chandra and Rama Kant Jha to go to Sugaon and to take account of the articles were removed and also the condition of imposed collective fines. Since both these persons view of prematured age, there was very much possibility of their being arrested. If so happened that both of them were arrested and imprisoned for two years under the Section 38(v) of the Indian safety act..."

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