ramesh rai Quotes

The world needs a dynamic creative leader who can ensure 100% mobilistion of youth with new creativity.
Leaders should accept their failures
Poverty can not be erased till old values sustain
Poverty is curse for human life
Common people fear to knock the door of court of law even for their right.
Judiciary should be free from all pressure both political and administrative.
Futility of youth power is a severe crime.
Youth needs immediate engagement for a productive job after relinquishing study.
Extra intellection is the great enemy for human civilisation
The stream of thoughts that wants to rule the world without any positiveness or with futile creativity.
Poetry without emotion is like a dead body
It is just like dead body wearing precious and beautiful ornament of literature and words but has no soul
Poetry is the mother of all science
All science are sprouted from the seed of poetry.
Most worst part of human race is they like to be ruler.
Human race is forgetting that due to theier unique mind they feel to be supreme creature and every thing in natrure are under their control even their blood
A poet is He who embraces pains and pleasures very easily.
That so poets are cheated by the clever world.
Political science is the invention of human being, is more powerful weapon which can lead to great devastation if not handled properly.
Present crisis of society like poverty, illiteracy, corruption and all malafide effects daunting human society are the consequence of mishandling of this weapon.