RI randi isaacs 1994

A friend of mine told me about this website and it looks pretty cool so yeah I'm trying it out.

About me:
I was born in 1994 in santa cruz county which is located in california. Not exactly the most exciting, but its not so bad living here. I have two older sisters, and I was supposed to have three younger siblings, but due to difficulties in my mom's pregnecies, It didnt turn out that way. Poetry really helped me get the emotions in the sorrow out of my soul when I was little, because I didnt know exactly how. Poetry was one of the only ways I could cope. I have three goals in life, and that is to be a professional dancer, adopt my own children, and write poetry.
My motto in life is to not be mean to others because their different, everyone has been through rough patches, so why judge? and to live life happily and not waste it drowning in depression. Thats pretty much it, I'm not that special so yeah.


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