Randy Bolante Jr Biography

My name is Randy,16 years of age. I never ever got a chance to compile all my poems, for I'm not that much good with it, but I always try.The best thing that I write about poetry that i can say i can be more proud of, is long poem, 'pakingan ang tinig' well that was poem about filipino beggars it was full of moral lessons and parables. I'm more busy finishing my novels. The about to be finished Gintong kampilan, and the rest whom I thinki would be finished next year: Curse of the black lotus and the outkeeping the secrets of my silent world, also at 2010 it is scheduled that, the eternity ends would be finished. I loved sketching, painting, studying History of the twelve great cultures, writing my ever long novels and closing my eyes and make my hand write poetry of love tragedy and care.