• Deep Down

    The deepest thoughts can be found at the bottom of the pacific ocean,
    the core of the sun,
    the nucleus of an atom,
    the eternal darkness of a black hole,... more »

  • How We Met

    In it’s eternal darkness in the midst of the night,
    out in the middle stood this speck of light,
    this amazing constellation stood embellished with life,
    which enticed a twilight to my eyesight,... more »

  • Losing Hope

    Roaming about the Earths remedies,
    I long for my true love,
    I dream to in the presence of my love reside,
    and express the deep feelings of my soul that my heart confines,... more »

  • Your Eyes

    Your eyes incline delight in my mind like the sunshine,
    and bring forth the presence of sunset hills where beauty resides,
    they incarcerate my soul and sparkle like ravishing diamonds,
    and bring vibrant colorful scenes like tropical islands,... more »