• Beckley

    You starred in an episode of Doctor Who in the seventies.
    You gave a performance that was sure to please.... more »

  • Begala's Insult

    Paul Begala called Obama's supporters eggheads and that wasn't nice.
    I want him to keep his mouth shut and I don't want to have to say it twice.
    Obama is a terrific person and he deserves our votes.
    The words irritate me that came from Begala's throat.... more »

  • Bernie Mac


    He was a credit to people who are black.
    The person who I'm speaking of was Bernie Mac.... more »

  • Bikini Top

    When I went to the beach, the men beat me fiercely and they wouldn't stop.
    It happened when a girl in a bikini lost her top.... more »

  • Bill Maynard

    A British actor entertained people as Selwyn Froggitt and The Gaffer.
    During his 89 years of life, Bill Maynard gave millions the gift of laughter.
    He starred in a few episodes of both 'Worzel Gummidge' and 'Heartbeat'.
    He starred once in both 'The Ugliest Girl In Town' and 'Coronation Street'.... more »

  • Bitten

    When I decided to go on this hike, I didn't know I would be bitten by a rattlesnake.
    It bit the back of my leg a few minutes ago and now my life is at stake.... more »

  • Bixby

    I loved to watch you in the late seventies.
    You were a gifted actor and I'm sure that everyone agrees.... more »

  • Black Customers

    You follow the black customers around the store where you work.
    You think they're going to steal things because you're a jerk.
    What you've been doing is wrong and I've spoken to the proprietor.
    He says he'll be watching and if he catches you, you'll be walking out the door.... more »

  • Black Rights

    This is the month when the accomplishments of black people are celebrated.
    But until around 1980 the schools in Morristown Tennessee were still segregated.
    That was shocking and it wasn't right.
    To get to be treated as equals, black people had to fight.... more »

  • Blunderdog

    (This is a fictional poem)

    Two years ago I bought a dog that can talk and fly.
    If I said that he's intelligent, I would be telling a lie.... more »

  • Bluto Vs. Popeye

    (Based on the cartoon)

    I asked Olive Oyl out a thousand times but she always said no.
    I'm a big fat bully and my name is Bluto.... more »

  • Bob Hope

    (Dedicated to Bob Hope who died July 27,2003.)

    Something bad happened in 2003 and it was hard to cope.
    That was the terrible year when the world lost Bob Hope.... more »

  • Boy

    At the moment my mom and I are very sad.
    Mom's cat passed away and that is very bad.
    Mom named her Boy in 1992 because at first we thought she was a male.
    Boy was a very loveable cat and we're not doing very well.... more »

  • Breadwinner

    For many years, you were our family's breadwinner.
    Your money paid for our breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
    Because of my mental impairment, you continued to support me after I turned eighteen.
    You could've outworked two twenty year olds, you were the hardest worker I've ever seen.... more »

  • Broderick Crawford

    You were a great actor who was often cast in tough-guy roles.
    You did a fantastic job as a police officer on Highway Patrol.
    You passed away in 1986 at the age of seventy-four.
    When you died, you were married to mary Alice Moore.... more »

  • Brother

    (This is a fictional poem)

    My brother and I stopped seeing each other and I wished he'd die.
    He passed away two weeks ago and I'm falling to pieces as I cry.... more »

  • Brotherly Death

    You wanted revenge against a man because he was sleeping with your wife.
    So you dragged him into a dark alley and stabbed him to death with a knife.
    You felt pretty good because you got rid of your wife's lover.
    But you killed the wrong one, you killed the man's twin brother.... more »

  • Brough

    You were a great thespian who starred in Are you being served.
    The show gave you fame and fortune and that's exactly what you deserved.... more »

  • Bubble

    (This is a fictional poem)

    When I was born, I was in a lot of trouble.
    I suffer from immune deficiency so I have to live in a bubble.... more »

  • Buckingham Palace

    (This is a fictional poem)

    When I went to Buckingham palace last month, I got in a bind.
    I accidentally saw the queen naked and it caused me to go blind.... more »

  • Bumble Bee

    My damn wife did something awful to me.
    She gave me a sandwich that contained a bumble bee.... more »

  • Burger

    I'm hungry so I ordered fries and a burger.
    I'm pouring ketchup on my fries and my coffee needs sugar.
    This burger is delicious, I can't believe how good it tastes.
    I'm gobbling it down, It will not go to waste.... more »

  • Burned Alive

    (This is a fictional poem)

    I've got third degree burns because I've been scorched.
    Nearly all of my body has been burned by a blow torch.... more »

  • Burned To The Ground

    When he burned down his store for the insurance money, he got caught.
    He was arrested and a jail sentence was what he got.
    His dad left him that store in his will.
    When his plan backfired, he looked ill.... more »

  • Bush

    After I voted for George Bush in 2004, I learned that it was an unfortunate mistake.
    I'm angry because he gave the oil companies an eighteen million dollar tax break.
    The people are the ones who need a break, not the oil companies.
    Bush only cares about the rich and I'm sure that everybody agrees.... more »