• Bush Has Ran This Country Into The Ground

    George Bush has ran this country into the ground.
    Things would be much better if he wasn't around.
    People are having to sell their possessions to be able to buy gas.
    He'll be out in four months and I can't wait for that time to pass.... more »

  • Buster Was The Best

    (This is a true story)

    Buster was my cat and he was the best.
    He died this morning and I'm depressed.... more »

  • Butter And Eggs

    I deliver butter and eggs for miles around.
    It's great because I deliver to everybody in town.... more »

  • Butterfly

    ... more »

  • Buttermilk

    (This is a fictional poem)

    My cow didn't give buttermilk when I pulled on her udders.
    Only regular milk came out even though I fed her lots of butter.... more »

  • Cain And Abel

    When Abel gave his baby lambs to God, they were accepted.
    But when Cain gave God some vegetables, they were rejected.
    Cain was jealous so he grabbed a rock and beat poor Abel to death.
    He tried to hide it from God but God knew that Abel had taken his final breath.... more »

  • Candy Bar

    (This is a fictional poem)

    When I ate my cousin's candy bar, he invited me outside.
    He beat the crap out of me and people laughed when I cried.... more »

  • Carl

    You were my best friend's dad.
    The day you died was very sad.
    You never said one unkind word to me.
    I'm sorry that you didn't make it to the 21st century.... more »

  • Carrie Fisher

    Carrie Fisher is a great writer and actress and that's a fact.
    She's very talented and I've always loved to see her act.
    She helped the success of Star Wars, that's something we can't deny.
    She sure was sexy in that bikini in Return of the Jedi.... more »

  • Castlevania Ii: Simon's Quest

    Some people didn't like it, it's a game that certain people detest.
    I'm talking about the N E S game 'Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest'
    I bought this game in 1989 on the last day of June.
    I bought it 30 years ago today in the evening or late afternoon.... more »

  • Cat The Bounty Hunter

    I'm a bounty hunter and my name is Cat.
    But people don't give a man respect with a name like that.... more »

  • Charlie

    Some people hate me because I beat up a kid.
    The boy vandalized my car and I don't regret what I did.... more »

  • Cheap Vcr

    I'm all alone and I feel remorse.
    A cheap VCR caused me to get a divorce.... more »

  • Cheap!

    (This is a fictional poem)

    When I go on a date, I make the girl order the cheapest thing on the menu.
    They usually walk out the door before the dates have a chance to continue.... more »

  • Chicken Shit

    When it comes to my neighbor, I usually have a fit.
    He irritates the hell out of me and he's a chicken shit.
    He has wild parties that last until 3 A.M.
    I'm sick of having to put up with him.... more »

  • Child Beater

    (This is a fictional poem but this really does happen to people.)

    I met your son today and I noticed that he has bruises on his skin.
    You've been beating on him but you won't do it again.... more »

  • Child Killer

    My friend just confessed a crime to me.
    It's untelling what else he'll do if he goes free.... more »

  • Childbirth

    (This is a fictional poem)

    I lost the most precious thing on Earth.
    My beloved wife died during childbirth.... more »

  • Christmas Came From Jesus

    If Jesus hadn't hadn't been born, we wouldn't be celebrating Christmas.
    He came down here because he wanted to save all of us.
    If he hadn't been born, there would be no presents under the tree.
    Christmas came from Jesus and that should fill us with glee.... more »

  • Christmas Isn'T About The Gifts

    Christmas is about being with the ones we love.
    It's about celebrating the birth of Christ above.
    Christmas isn't about the gifts that we receive.
    It's about showing love and kindness to people; that's what I believe.... more »

  • Chun Li Kicks People's Asses

    Her name is Chun Li and she first appeared in Street Fighter II.
    Don't make this woman angry or she'll beat the hell out of you.
    Many people make a comment that embarrasses her and her face turns red.
    They tell her that she's supposed to wear her bra on her chest instead of her head.... more »

  • Cia

    I committed murder and it bothers me everyday.
    I killed over twenty people when I was with the CIA.... more »

  • Clown Shoes

    (This is a fictional poem)

    My feet are so big that I have to wear clown shoes.
    People keep pointing and laughing, what am I going to do?... more »

  • Color Blind

    (This is a fictional poem)

    I'm color blind and I get confused at traffic lights.
    When I hit people's cars, I get into a lot of fights.... more »

  • Connie Hines

    I'm talking about a lady who was fine.
    The person who I'm speaking of was Connie Hines.
    It's a damn shame that she's dead.
    She helped the success of Mister ED.... more »