• Cowboy Pete

    I got a few things I'd like to vent
    about this cowboy on the Quarle's Ranch
    while ridin' his paint and runnin' fence
    from his saddle he fell while duckin' a branch... more »

  • Geronimo

    Sir! I have heard the beating of a distant drum
    calling out to Geronimo now he must run
    Into the mountains and there he must stay
    to gain his freedom and fight another day... more »

  • Outlaw's Destiny

    Aint gonna be no saturday night dance
    Aint gonna be no late night romance
    Aint gonna be no night on the town - for me
    for me... more »

  • The Ballad Of Billy The Kid

    Billy was an outlaw who traveled down the trail
    with his six-guns a-blazing as he rode strait into hell
    The purple sage mountains outlined the western town
    where fate had been following like a shadow on the ground... more »

  • Wanted

    The cold wind whipping down around my back
    pourin' rain washing out any sign of tracks
    For two long years I've been on his trail
    through desert heat and all kinds of hell... more »