• Building A Wall

    You teach your children to build a wall
    From brick onto brick, so that it will not fall,
    From crayons and paper they designed a barrier
    On the other side they are taught, is someone scarier.... more »

  • Burden To Carry

    Every man has a burden to carry
    And some seem to carry it very well
    While others complain, about the burden and strain
    And as their fall from grace to all they must tell.... more »

  • Burnt

    I patiently waited for my love and my desire,
    I waited and I waited for my heart’s fire,
    Then when it arrived, my loneliness I survived,
    From searching and hoping I would finally retire.... more »

  • But Myself

    I might not do any better
    But I wont do any worst
    I will never die without love
    But I will die because of thirst... more »

  • By Kingdom Come

    As though the sound of God snapping his thumb
    I said to myself, by kingdom come
    This will be the end of ourselves and our earth
    There will be no more death and no more birth... more »

  • Bye, Bye Bevin

    To the governor of Kentucky I will count
    From the facts that I have found out,
    On the reasons that he won't get my vote
    So, this little poem I have wrote.... more »

  • Call It Destiny

    As I sit at home in my chair
    I think of her as she's not there
    Remembering the talks that we once held
    As we thought of no one, but only ourselves.... more »

  • Call Me Donnah

    She told me to call her Donnah
    And I did not know why,
    That was the name of my ex wife
    Who had cheated on me and did lie.... more »

  • Call Me Paul

    Saul persecuted Christians left and right
    And then Jesus almighty took away his sight,
    Saul walked alone blindly lost for 3 days
    Then unto Jesus he gave the Lord praise.... more »

  • Call Of Love

    I walked towards the ocean
    As she began to roll and began to roar
    Then she put in in a daze, I remembered today
    As I thought of a woman, that I knew once before.... more »

  • Called Mom

    She jumps rope and she also plays jacks
    Her legs are all bruised, still too young to wax,
    She then runs and climbs and does a twirl.
    She doesn't care or worry about her skinny knees... more »

  • Calling Names

    They called him a nigger, go figure
    Because of the color of his skin,
    Is that a freedom of speech, that we teach
    That by colors we can judge all men.... more »

  • Came And Gone

    To all my friends which have come and gone
    I would like to tell them all so long, so long
    Someday though we will meet once again
    But, of that day and time, only GOD knows when,... more »

  • Campaigning

    Once again it is that time of the year
    When mother nature begins to disappear,
    The leaves in the trees they all are changing
    As nature once again starts her rearranging,... more »

  • Can I Recover

    Drugs control my life
    But, so does sorrow, worries and strife,
    Please don't tell me that I can be sober
    As I wait for my life to be over.... more »

  • Cancer

    You took my brother
    You tried to take my mother,
    With sickness you are a kaniver;
    But, I will not let you win... more »

  • Captain, Oh My Captain

    Captain, oh my Captain
    Why abandoning the ship,
    The skies are dark and gloomy above
    But, up ahead is our illuminated slip.... more »

  • Carolyn

    The gorgeous alluring Carolyn
    How could one man describe her beauty
    If I were an artist I would paint her
    As I believe to GOD and art that would be my duty,... more »

  • Carrying A Gun

    A man doesn't need to carry a gun
    When he walks down the street,
    A man doesn't need to think to run
    Thinking adversities he might meet.... more »

  • Central Baptist Church

    I miss going to church
    And seeing the people there,
    I miss my friends and family
    As we talk to our father in prayer.... more »

  • Central Baptist Meal Prayer

    For our meal we sit down to eat
    In front of us is our bread and meat,
    We clasp our hands to say a prayer
    As we thank God for the food that is there.... more »

  • Certainty

    ... more »

  • Challenging God

    A scientist once said to God
    We too can go where you have trod,
    We too can create what you have created
    Spoke the scientist, who was very prideful and elated.... more »

  • Chances Are

    Chances are if we'd meet again
    You won't know who I am,
    Though you might remember the smile
    Or you might recall the walk,... more »

  • Changing Of A Woman

    She once used them to tease
    And then for a man to please,
    Then, them her child did seize
    Now they hang to her knees.... more »