• Depressed

    He wants my money so that he can pay his bills
    So, I will put off on buying my pills,
    I now can't even afford to have a stroke
    Now I am just poor, and also broke.... more »

  • Deserving Better

    You deserve better than me
    Said the Apple to the Tree
    For all I do is hold you down
    And then I plummet to the ground.... more »

  • Desire

    To live our life without desire
    To enter those days without a craving
    Having nothing to search for or acquire
    Would make our existence so depraving.... more »

  • Desire Gone

    I once had a desire
    But, lackluster now there is no fire,
    So, with a heavy heart and a dry eye
    To you; I will say goodbye.... more »

  • Desires For A Cheating Wife

    I would rather be stabbed with a rusty kitchen knife
    Than to again be married to a cheating wife,
    That pain in my body I could easier withstand
    Than that of a cheating woman wearing my wedding band.... more »

  • Destiny

    As I sit at home in my chair
    I think of her as she's not there
    Remembering the talks that we held
    We thought of no one but ourselves.... more »

  • Destiny Mine

    Some people they will die rich
    While many more will die broke and poor
    Though at the end of life we will all meet
    At the entrance to the very same door,... more »

  • Devil Created By Man

    Through shame and guilt as time and souls might forbid
    What if GOD never created the Devil, but man did,
    What if the Devil had come from man's own imagination
    Now he is known and feared and loathed in every country and nation.... more »

  • Devil In A Dream

    I saw the Devil in a dream
    At me he began to scream,
    He said with him I made a pact
    And now he wants me back.... more »

  • Devil's Share

    When I am cruel to anyone or another
    To whom I hurt, I really have no care or druther
    Am I that way because of demonic forces
    There is evil in this world and I feel it as it courses... more »

  • Devil's Treat

    When I was good I would receive a sweet
    I was told the angels had brought me a treat
    And when I was bad and not very good
    The devil’s treat to me was cake and food... more »

  • Devoted

    You must always be devoted
    From what you do to what you believe
    If you are not you will be noted
    And only to yourself will you deceive.... more »

  • Dick

    I don't really care if you are a king or a queen
    But, don't be or act stupid, contemptible or even mean,
    And I don't care if your name is Andrew, Carol, Rebecca or Rick
    Watch out for your actions, or I'll start calling you Dick.... more »

  • Didn't Know

    Didn't know what you had
    Until you lost it
    Didn't know what you own
    Until you got it... more »

  • Die By The Sword

    Those who live by the sword
    Will die by the sword,
    Heaven or hell will be their final reward.
    To take another's life... more »

  • Digging A Ditch

    I prefer not ever digging a ditch
    I am much more suited for being rich,
    No diaphoresis on my brow or blisters on my hand
    Being rich is how I recommend all to stand.... more »

  • Dining Out

    Good foods I have always enjoyed to eat
    The tastiest noodles, with the most tender meat,
    Seafood taken freshly from the sea
    Along with fruits and vegetables, and always fresh poultry.... more »

  • Dishes To Wash

    We always have dishes to wash
    And also a house to clean,
    In the bin they'll be trash to squash
    That is just our normal routine.... more »

  • Divorcing

    She was not divorcing because of a tortured soul
    She was divorcing because of a small loophole
    Though she swore an oath that including her life
    Now no longer could she be her husband’s wife,... more »

  • Do Not Cry For Me

    Do not cry for me when I am gone
    Do not weep one single tear,
    And do not ask for my forgiveness
    Because, you had that chance when I was here.... more »

  • Do You Remember

    Do you remember when you said that I wasn't listening to you,
    But, you know that I really couldn't.
    Do you remember when I asked you to repeat what you had said,
    And unto me you said that you wouldn't.... more »

  • Does God

    Does God ever sleep
    Or is he always awake,
    Is he the daybreak
    Does God ever weep.... more »

  • Does Not Exist

    Because you say that he does not exist
    Doesn't ever make that so,
    People will still slit their wrist
    Even when believing there is no place to go.... more »

  • Dog Or Cat

    A dog is a man's best friend
    Until the very bitter end,
    He indeed is man's best and loyal pal
    At man's enemy the dog will always growl.... more »

  • Doing Her Homework

    I pushed her up against the school's wall
    Then I whispered into her ear,
    I held her so that she would not fall
    Then I breathed what she wanted to hear.... more »