• English Language

    The English language it contains thousands of words
    Which includes nouns, adjectives, constants and verbs
    Structuring them together to create novels or speeches
    So we can speak or read or listen while a teacher teaches... more »

  • Envious

    I was so jealous of him when we first met
    When I first saw him all I saw was a threat
    Everything I wanted he had already owned
    Sadly I wished, him I could have dethroned.... more »

  • European American

    My ancestors came here to the United States from Europe,
    But, from where in Europe I truly do not know,
    Was it from Scotland or Ireland, Wales or maybe even Germany
    Or maybe they arrived from England or from Australia down below.... more »

  • Euthenics

    Life would be better if we cared about our environment,
    Before we cared about a job, or starting our own retirement.

    Our world once again could be another Garden of Eden... more »

  • Eve Persisted

    First there was Adam, then came Eve
    She was then tempted by the snake in the tree,
    Then of the apple she gave Adam a bite
    Now Adam must choose between wrong and right.... more »

  • Every Inch A Man

    For as I look
    Or as you stand,
    I know that you are
    Every inch a man.... more »

  • Every Moment

    We close our eyes our lips do meet
    Then my hand goes down your thigh
    You let out a sigh, I feel passion inside
    My want for you I can no longer hide.... more »

  • Examination Worries

    I walk into the room and it is cold
    Or, is it just me because I am getting old,
    The room is large, but the patients are sparse
    I guess it will be a waiting room farce.... more »

  • Examples

    What kind of an example will you be
    Spoke mother nature to the tree
    As it stood so proudly and ever so tall
    As though defying to all that it would fall... more »

  • Exhausted

    I am strong
    But, I am also tired,
    I just want to be retired.
    Years, I've worked... more »

  • Existence

    No man is ever alone
    No man is cosigned to oblivion
    Man will always be in the conscience
    And in the thoughts of the day or in the sun,... more »

  • Eyes Of The Snake

    Into the snake's eyes I looked deeply within
    I saw not hate or evil or any deadly sin
    I saw fear and terror from a creature that wanted to survive
    And all that it wanted to do was just to stay alive... more »

  • Face Of Death

    A child was breathing its very last breath;
    Then he saw the face of death,
    Death said to the child, 'so very young",
    Then he removed the last breath from his lung.... more »

  • Fair

    I went to a fair that came to our town once a year
    To eat some popcorn and also drink some root beer
    Maybe get some cotton candy and also ride some rides
    I might even play some games and win myself a prize.... more »

  • False Advertisement

    She took off her jacket and then her high heels
    Then in my mind I started having seductive ideals,
    She then took off her wig, her eyelashes and her jewelry
    I thought to myself, is this some type of trick or tomfoolery,... more »

  • Falsely Judged

    When you lie or cheat or falsely judge
    Then against yourself GOD he will hold a grudge.
    He will look down upon you without pity or shame
    Then in his book of life he will not call your name.... more »

  • Farewell Kiss

    One thing that I do not miss
    It is that of not receiving my farewell kiss,
    The lips that I once had enjoyed
    Now they betray and have annoyed.... more »

  • Farewell My Heart

    Leave me! My heart;
    I am ready to bid you farewell,
    From you, I am ready to part;
    So, from my life you I expel.... more »

  • Father And Mother

    Friends will come, and friends will go
    And some say they will last with you forever,
    Some will be here for you today, but gone tomorrow
    Even the ones you have treated as a sister or a brother.... more »

  • Fearing, Fear

    I once feared, fear,
    Until I shed my first tear,
    Then I understood how its always near
    And wishing, causes it not to disappear.... more »

  • Feasting For The Rich

    People are made out of muscle and bone
    Some are pampered and later wear cologne,
    Some are sent and educated at the finest schools
    So, now they buy and wear the finest jewels,... more »

  • February The 14th

    It's February the 14th once again
    In the world of love for both women and men,
    When love and intimacy is rekindled
    And no one wants to be cheated on, or swindled.... more »

  • Fell

    On the ground I had fell
    I began to scream and yell,
    But, no one had heard my plea
    When on the ground I had busted my knee.... more »

  • Fiery Pits Of Hell

    In the fiery pits of hell,
    Where all the demons dwell,
    The Devil waits for us one and all,
    Waiting for a moment for us to fall.... more »

  • Final Destination

    There is one thought upon which I constantly dwell
    With that one thought I get sick and my face turns pale
    Upon my life salvation will I win, or or am I destined to fail
    So I wonder if I am going to Heaven, or am I going to Hell.... more »