• Forgive Me God

    God forgive me for wanting his wife
    And the possessions that he has and own
    Forgive me please for wanting his life
    As I have nothing and I feel so alone.... more »

  • Forgive Them

    Lord, please forgive the one who did me wrong
    In my heart for them I still sing a happy song,
    Though against me they still do happily sin
    But, honestly God, I would probably help them once again.... more »

  • Formula For Living

    The simple formula for living
    Number One, always be helpful and giving,
    Be joyful to give out a helping hand
    And feel proud to help another person stand.... more »

  • Fourth Of July

    As we salute the red, white and blue
    We thank our veterans so proud and true,
    To which from their service we do rely
    As they gave us this glorious, Fourth of July.... more »

  • Free Advice

    She said that for me she had some advice
    I excitedly asked her what was the price,
    Her reply was simple, "it is free",
    And only because I am a typical he.... more »

  • Freedom

    Butterflies are free
    To sail the breeze
    To wonder up in the sky.
    To float around... more »

  • Freedom By Divorce

    To any unhappy married man this thought I will happily endorse,
    Before you walk or run away from your wife, I suggest you first get a divorce,
    I say this with all truth and honesty without any sadness or remorse
    Go straightforward to your lawyer and always stay your course;... more »

  • Freedom For All

    By God, it was granted
    Into man it was planted,
    But, for many it was denied
    For it many more have fought and died,... more »

  • Freedom To Write

    I will write these words and then I will rest
    I thank GOD that we have freedom of the press
    If we had not that one given intangible right
    We'd have no books to read, and no words to write... more »

  • Freedom's Torch

    Welcome my friends she did say
    As we sat upon her porch,
    This is where liberty will stay
    And also where she shines her torch.... more »

  • Friend Zone

    Upon me there is no strings attached
    She made that point perfectly clear,
    As she and I are nowhere near matched
    And I should not ever call her honey or dear.... more »

  • Friends

    Friends will come and friends will go
    Sadly some friends were never meant to be
    Making friends some can and will at the first hello
    While others try to attract friends with an emotional plea,... more »

  • Froggy

    The tiny toad so much wanted to be a frog
    So, he sat not on a stick, but upon a giant log,
    The other frogs ignored him and they pushed him aside
    Then that little tiny toad, just cried and cried.... more »

  • Fuming And Fussing

    I saw her fuming and fussing
    While arguing and cussing,
    With her voice at a higher than normal pitch
    No wonder they call her a hateful bitch.... more »

  • Funeral Of A Friend

    With a sadness in my heart,
    And a sorrow in my mind,
    When I heard his life had come to an end.
    So, I gathered up all my thoughts,... more »

  • Gabriel Blow Your Horn

    Gabriel blow your horn (CLAP)
    Gabriel blow your horn (CLAP)
    Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel blow your horn,
    Blow it loud and clear (CLAP)... more »

  • Gangs

    A gang are like cockroaches
    When you turn on a light they all will scatter,
    They become cowards when bravery approaches
    I would like to step on them all until they splatter.... more »

  • Garden Weeds

    Beautiful flowers I wanted to grow
    So in my garden I planted some seeds
    Into the earth with my love I also did sow
    But sadly they all came up, weeds,... more »

  • Gather Around

    Gather around the flag my friends;
    Gather around it straight and tall,
    Gather around it with might and pride;
    And let us vow that she will never fall.... more »

  • Gave Me Life

    You opened my eyes to a wonderful life
    A way that I never knew of before,
    You took my hand and showed me the way
    I will love you, until my dying day.... more »

  • Georgina

    They told me her name was Georgina
    At first I thought she was an angel in disguise
    She danced around my mind like a ballerina
    Her beauty was excitement to my soul and eyes.... more »

  • Georgina's Kiss

    I waited for her kiss for 20 plus odd years
    So, I practiced on others and even on my mirrors,
    I knew the day would come when our lips would finally meet
    And then I would give her, my long awaited tasty treat.... more »

  • Getting To

    There is a lot of getting that is needed to be done
    Some for necessity and some for fun,
    I get to go to work and then I get to have a busy day
    But, then later I get to go home and then I get to play.... more »

  • Gigi's Body

    Your eyes, are a beautiful disguise
    A wild woman I know is locked in your soul,
    When they look at me, my soul is free
    Only for you have I lost all control.... more »

  • Gitchy, Gitchy Bloody Bones

    The steps they are creaky
    And then you hear his moans,
    He is now on the first step
    Gitchy, gitchy bloody bones.... more »