• A Fighter's Face

    A fighter doesn't need a scrapbook
    Or his trophies or ribbons in a trophy-case,
    All that he needs is a mirror upon a wall to look
    Then he will remember his every fight, by the scars on his face.... more »

  • A Forever, Together

    She kissed a frog and got herself a prince
    But, of course that was all past tense,
    Many times that happy story has been told
    He then later carried her over the threshold.... more »

  • A Gardener

    In a pot I planted a seed
    Not knowing what it would heed,
    I watched and tended it everyday
    Starting in the early month of May.... more »

  • A Gem

    They say that she is a gem
    A diamond in the rough,
    While lacking all the social graces
    Which some of us embraces;... more »

  • A Good Woman

    I want a good woman
    That is all that I want,
    That is my wish and my hope
    In my mind it still does haunt.... more »

  • A Grudge

    Holding on to a grudge doesn't make you strong,
    It makes you wrong.
    Forgiveness doesn't make one weak,
    Turn the other cheek.... more »

  • A Hammer Is A Hammer

    A hammer is a hammer as I've been told
    From the day manufactured, or the day bought or sold
    And it will be remembered as such a tool
    Even if destroyed, or examined by every molecule... more »

  • A Happy Man

    Give me a woman, and sex
    Don't make her a beauty or complex,
    Make her destiny just to satisfy me
    Then a happy man I would surely be,... more »

  • A Headache

    I use to go to bed with a headache
    And when morning came it was still there,
    Most of the times at night (in suffering) it kept me awake
    I would scream, I would argue and I would swear.... more »

  • A Henpecked Man

    He says that he is not a Henpecked man
    I inadvertently called him a liar,
    Whatever he does, it's after his wife says that he can
    She wears the britches, and has all the power.... more »

  • A Hoarder

    Though you once were pals
    You now stole from his buggy his paper towels,
    And then for your next daring caper
    You stole his rolls of toilet paper.... more »

  • A Judge

    A Judge he will judge, just one man
    By rumors and deeds he does not know
    Sometimes to humiliate and crucify is his plan
    With the power man gave him, which he loves to bestow,... more »

  • A Kentuckian

    The mountains they are our neighbors,
    The creeks and rivers they are our labors,
    We hunt with a bow and sometimes with a gun,
    That is how we were raised, being a Kentuckian.... more »

  • A Kiss

    A woman will always reminisce
    Of the loves in her past,
    Locked away in a shoebox they'll last
    As will her very first kiss.... more »

  • A Lie

    Some might call it a fabrication
    While others might call it a fib
    And some will call it down right dishonest
    But, happily with their soul they can live.... more »

  • A Love Forever

    My true love I will love you forever
    Even when my bones turn to dust
    My love for you it is everlasting
    While others will fade away and bust... more »

  • A Lump Of Coal

    I blew her a kiss, she gave me a wave
    And it is almost Christmas Day,
    I brought her candy and I gave her a gift
    At me she became very quiet, and miffed.... more »

  • A Mama's Boy

    He enjoys to play and watch men sports
    He might even drive a truck,
    Maybe he pals around with bad cohorts
    Maybe they punch each other in the arm, for luck.... more »

  • A Man Is

    A Man is,
    Is what a Man does
    What he does, is what he believes.
    If he ever stops doing... more »

  • A Man Need Not Roam

    A man will never, ever carouse
    If he has a beautiful woman to browse,
    He will not have that cheating desire
    Temptation he will not sire.... more »

  • A Man Needs A Woman

    A man needs a woman at his side
    To give him elegance and also pride,
    A woman in which he trusts and also believes
    A woman to which forever he will abide.... more »

  • A Man's Last Word

    It is indeed a man's duty and job to take care and provide for his family,
    It is also his responsibility to protect and defend them in any calamity.

    A man will work to provide for his family without the need or want of a handout,... more »

  • A Married Woman

    I received letter from my lovers
    And also letters from my ex,
    They tell me how their life is going,
    And I tell them my life is very complex.... more »

  • A Military Brat

    Though she knows both this and that
    Except for where next she will be living at
    Lived that life, as both daughter and now wife
    As she is just, a Military brat.... more »

  • A Miner's Destiny

    The miner will go inside a deep dark hole
    And that is where he mines and extracts the coal,
    He digs into the earth, where coal was given birth
    But, someday soon I swear, the earth will take her toll.... more »