• God With You

    You don't need to go to church to pray
    God is here with you today,
    You don't need to find a church on a roam
    God is always with you in your home.... more »

  • God, Are You There?

    GOD, Are you there?
    Do you still listen as I pray
    If you still do, I need you Lord,
    There is so much I need to say.... more »

  • Gods And Men

    Of the GODs we all believe
    And of men we all know
    They rule us when they can’t deceive
    With prayers or guns or a bow,... more »

  • God's Gifts

    GOD gave man two ears so that he might hear
    Man's truth and also man's lies,
    Then also to help man find his way
    GOD then gave man two eyes,... more »

  • God's Hands

    I have worried about the things,
    In which that I cannot control
    Which causes me so much pain
    And so much strain upon my soul.... more »

  • God's Name

    I think that it's blasphemous and a shame
    When people destroy and kill in God's name,
    "God has sent us to kill"! many did roar
    "And because of God, we are here now for war".... more »

  • God's Query

    Before I laid out the foundation of earth
    I first thought of you,
    Even before your parents birth
    I already knew what you would do.... more »

  • Gods Remembrance

    GOD once walked alone upon this green earth
    Where the beauty and wonder of nature was first heard,
    Peace and serenity everywhere could be found
    And when GOD stopped to listen, there was not even a sound;... more »

  • God's Skin

    A racist I once was
    I spoke with racism as a bigot does,
    To you I was not gracious, caring or kind
    To you I was uncaring and blind.... more »

  • God's Yellow Rose

    There can't be a grace
    As great as the rose,
    Which lightens up the face
    And tantalizes the nose.... more »

  • Goes Around, Comes Around

    What goes around, comes around
    As I always have been told,
    So what you have done unto others,
    Unto you, someday the same will unfold.... more »

  • Going Back To Church

    Instead of asking and looking on my search
    I instead am going back to church,
    It is where all my answers will be found
    Indeed it is where I am soulfully bound.... more »

  • Going Back To Scotland

    I am heading back to Scotland,
    My home I feel from within
    The birthplace of my clan, my kin,
    The backside of a warriors hand.... more »

  • Going Down The Path

    I think of you as I walk down the path
    I smile, then I chuckle, then I laugh and I laugh;
    Then I stop and then I think……….
    Was I laughing at you or was I laughing at me... more »

  • Going Home

    I am serving my country in a different land
    Where I miss holding my wife's tender hand,
    Being away from her I dread, as I hate to roam,
    But, I heard today, that I am going home.... more »

  • Going To Church

    I did not put on my suit, and not even a tie
    As I go to church to worship and praise,
    Although I am seen as an outcast, a pariah
    But, still wouldn't GOD want to see me in these days.... more »

  • Going To Sleep

    Close your eyes and go to sleep
    God waits for your prayers to keep,
    As you slumber, dreams you will encumber
    So, rest with no worries or nightmares to weep.... more »

  • Going To The Gym

    Some people don't do this or even do that
    So, they just sit around and get fat,
    They don't ever exercise for the pain
    Instead they just eat, and eat, and complain.... more »

  • Golf

    When from work I finally retire
    Then probably from exercising I will lose all desire,
    I guess I will give up on juices and green tea
    I will probably sit and watch my sports on the T.V.... more »

  • Gone Fishing

    I remember the times that we went fishing
    The anticipation, the dreaming and then the wishing,
    Going to the family farm inside the woods
    It was mine, and also my son's childhoods.... more »

  • Good Friday

    Let us remember and let us all pray,
    For it is Good Friday,
    The day of the death of our Lord and savior
    His life given for our redemption, man's favor.... more »

  • Goodbye Angelina

    Instead of saying goodbye,
    Let's just say I will see you tomorrow,
    And knowing that in my heart
    There will be joy and no sorrow.... more »

  • Goodbye March

    Goodbye March, you won't be missed
    With your rain and snow which did persist,
    You came in like a lion, now please leave like a lamb
    Mother Nature you surely are, a vindictive and evil ma'am.... more »

  • Goodbye To All

    To all my friends I wish to say goodbye
    As tomorrow I know not what is in store for me
    That might be the day that I am meant to die
    Then up in heaven, I will be with my family,... more »

  • Gossiping Woman

    You babbling, chattering, gossiping woman
    Suffice to say you have said enough
    With your prattle, rumors and hearsay
    I am tired and sick of hearing of that stuff.... more »