• I Do Not Like War

    Unlike others I do not like war
    I do not like it's romance or the blood or gore,
    I do not like the bragging of the moments of glory
    And I do not like its suffering, in any song or story,... more »

  • I Don't Care

    I don't care where I live my life
    As long as I have you,
    I don't care where my home is
    As long as there is us two.... more »

  • I Don't Have Daughters

    I am glad that I don't have a daughter
    If it's another female like my ex, I don't want her,
    I don't want another whining, complaining female
    Who can make a happy soul feel like going to hell.... more »

  • I Don't Need A Gun

    I don't need a gun
    All I need is my forefinger and my thumb,
    Imaginary bad guys I can shoot in the head
    "Bang, Bang! " they are now dead;... more »

  • I Don't Own A Gun

    I am glad that I don't need a gun
    Either for my protection, or for fun,
    Am glad that I'm not afraid to go outside
    Without a weapon strapped at my side.... more »

  • I Dreamt About You

    Last night I dreamt about you
    Last night I dreamt that we were two,
    But, as one we were holding hands
    While listening to the bands.... more »

  • I Forgave

    What do I say
    When unto God I pray,
    That I forgive you?
    Well, I do.... more »

  • I Found Him

    If there is a God where is he
    Those exact words I use to speak,
    Is he in the sky, or maybe he's in the sea
    Where must I go and seek.... more »

  • I Found Trust

    God, who can I trust
    Who's hand for help can I accept or thrust,
    Who else lord can there be
    That I can have faith between them and me.... more »

  • I Found You

    I found you and I loved you
    That is how the story goes
    I gave you roses and candy
    And of our love, poems I did compose,... more »

  • I Had A Dream

    I had a dream
    As though it seemed
    Just the other day,
    And you were there... more »

  • I Had Died

    I read the obituaries where I had died
    I looked beside me and Death was not at my side
    I felt so sad and lonely that I almost cried
    Why about my death had others had lied... more »

  • I Had Myself A Dream

    I had myself a dream
    Or though that it did seem,
    Of freedom and equality for this land
    Shaped by a battered and a broken hand.... more »

  • I Hate You

    I hate you more than anything else that I know
    I hate you more than the freezing snow,
    And if I were drunk because of you and alcohol
    I'd wish that I'd fall on you to break your bones and my fall.... more »

  • I Have A Best Friend, No More

    I had a best friend this week
    But, I have him no more,
    A false truth he did foolishly seek
    A COVID mask he then never wore.... more »

  • I Have A Sword

    I need not a weapon that will indiscriminately kill a lot

    While claiming to protect myself and my family is my only thought,... more »

  • I Have Faith

    I have my faith in God
    And my belief is there as well,
    I follow his teachings and I obey his laws
    So, I am not destined for Hell.... more »

  • I Have Voted

    My name will be wrote
    When I go out to vote,
    As I help to take Kentucky back
    Putting us back in the black,... more »

  • I Heard

    I heard that a suffering was coming
    So, I decided to have dinner and coffee,
    Now my belly is full and I have no fears at all
    Suffering, wasn't coming for me.... more »

  • I Heard The World Crying

    I heard the world crying
    As though she was dying,
    And then came the rain
    As though sympathy to her pain,... more »

  • I Hope That You Fall In Love

    I hope that you fall in love
    With someone who never stops choosing you,
    I hope that you fall in love
    With someone who is excited to say, "I do".... more »

  • I Just Wanna Be Happy

    I don't wanna argue or fight
    From pain I seek no pleasure or delight,
    Nor do I want to hit or smite
    Or hate someone because of spite.... more »

  • I Killed A Child

    I grabbed a gun and then I killed a child!
    But, that child it was me,
    I did it without knowledge or thinking
    Now my soul again is flying free.... more »

  • I Launched The Rocket

    I launched the rocket, I destroyed the world
    Because of my action's extinction unfurled,
    There will be no more flowers no more birth
    I started the wars that destroyed the earth,... more »

  • I Listened

    I listened, to our wedding vows
    While thinking about our future and the nows
    I looked at my wife-to-be and then I said, “I do”
    My love for her I swore would be forever and true;... more »