• I Killed A Child

    I grabbed a gun and then I killed a child!
    But, that child it was me,
    I did it without knowledge or thinking
    Now my soul again is flying free.... more »

  • I Launched The Rocket

    I launched the rocket, I destroyed the world
    Because of my action's extinction unfurled,
    There will be no more flowers no more birth
    I started the wars that destroyed the earth,... more »

  • I Listened

    I listened, to our wedding vows
    While thinking about our future and the nows
    I looked at my wife-to-be and then I said, “I do”
    My love for her I swore would be forever and true;... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you more than the daffodils
    That grow on top of the hill,
    I love you more than the flowers grown
    And loving you, I always will.... more »

  • I Love You Forever

    I asked her to be my wife
    She said yes, but only in this life,
    I love you forever, she sighed.... more »

  • I Loved Her

    Many years ago I had loved her;
    And always I will love her that much more,
    Needless to say I would die for her;
    But, now our love it is no more.... more »

  • I Met A Woman

    I met a woman,
    And she opened my eyes
    To the clouds and the fireflies,
    She, was more than just a woman.... more »

  • I Need To Find

    I look upon her beauty as a jeweler looks upon a gem
    Then I wish and I smile and I say, "hmmmmmmm",
    Every part of her body that I see is flawless
    Whether wearing jeans, or a bustier, or a short black dress;... more »

  • I Needed Help

    When I needed help
    No one was there,
    They none could be found
    Or they just stood looking into the air.... more »

  • I Never Stopped Listening

    I will not ever place my hand over my eyes
    While anyone might cry or suffer,
    I do not believe that suffering is a grandeur prize
    That will ultimately make one tougher.... more »

  • I Once Helped

    I was once burnt badly by a match
    So, now l don't trust fire,
    I was once used by the one that I loved
    So, now I will not become a liar.... more »

  • I Once Voted All Red

    I once had voted all red
    Then I was knocked hard in the head,
    Then when I was awakened
    My rights and my so called entitlements were taken.... more »

  • I Once Was In Love

    I once was in love
    And it felt like a glove,
    It was so soft and warm
    And it fitted perfectly to my form.... more »

  • I Pity You

    I pity you when you walk down the street
    I pity you when you open your mouth to speak
    You will tell your story, with its pity and glory
    As sympathy is all that you do seek.... more »

  • I Pray For The Pastors

    I pray for the pastors who have been betrayed
    By friends for whom they once had prayed,
    By sin and temptation friends have been swayed
    They have become Judas's in the shade.... more »

  • I Refuse

    I refuse to agree, to any law or decree
    That takes away from who I am,
    I will always profess, that I will not say yes
    Which takes away my beliefs or how I stand.... more »

  • I Refuse To Hate

    Whether you are a man or a woman
    Be you red or yellow or black or white,
    Whether you're religious or an atheist
    Or your opinion is wrong and not right.... more »

  • I Remember

    I remember who had ignored me
    I remember who had floored me,
    And the one who said they adored me
    Just so to walk towards me.... more »

  • I Remember Her

    I remember her one tat
    And the fact that she wasn't fat,
    Then there was her lightly tanned skin
    And her tantalizing perfect grin.... more »

  • I Sailed The Ocean

    As I sailed upon the ocean,
    Deciding if I should settle down
    In love I want to drown,
    That was my final thought and emotion.... more »

  • I Say A Prayer For You

    I say a prayer for you
    I say a prayer for your daughters too,
    At night when my work is finally done
    I even say a prayer for your son.... more »

  • I Stand

    I stand as God wants me to stand
    That is how I believe our lives were planned
    Never on people's shoulders, but at their side
    To help one another and not to run-a-way and hide.... more »

  • I Stand Against Injustice

    If you don't like abortion, then just don't have one
    I have heard people state and scream that on and on,
    If a woman gets pregnant is it her own fault
    I guess she could have easily and always screamed halt.... more »

  • I Still Bring Her Flowers

    I bought her flowers on her birthday
    They made her happy, she would always say,
    Then she would place and arrange them in a vase
    Her mind took a picture, which would not erase.... more »

  • I Still Don't Have A Girlfriend

    Though I have been around the bend
    I still don't have a girlfriend,
    For awhile I haven't dated, to loneliness am I fated
    Nowhere for my love to send.... more »