• Imprint

    A child is innocent when it is born
    So, give it no hate or no scorn,
    Though it might had been created from hate or fear
    The child, still belongs here.... more »

  • In 3 Seconds

    I wanted a woman dressed in blue
    And a woman who stood about 5 foot two,
    Her hair would be blonde, and her eyes green
    That woman someday would hopefully be my queen.... more »

  • In Deep Thought

    In deep thought
    as I walk
    The world passes me by,
    Then suddenly in a wink... more »

  • In God Do We Trust

    If In God that we trust
    Then tell me, why don't we,
    Those words just turn to rust
    And then become so lonely and empty.... more »

  • In God We Trust

    "In God we trust! "
    Is the sign that you have posted,
    "In God you trust", it's a must
    As you have showed and boasted.... more »

  • In God's Garden

    In God's garden, where man goes to feast
    Where his soul is empty to say the least,
    With its onions and lettuce and carrots and greens
    And tomatoes and beets and radishes and beans,... more »

  • In Heaven

    With a troubled soul I try to sleep
    I finally close my eyes in bed,
    Burdened with worries for me alone to keep;
    Now, I am dead.... more »

  • In Her Bikini

    She told me that she wasn't skinny
    So, she wouldn't be wearing a bikini,
    When we took our vacation at the beach
    Upon her body, my eyes or no others could feast.... more »

  • In Love Like Me

    I love you more than life itself,
    So, I give you whatever I own,
    Though I own not much of earthly wealth;
    So then I will give you my soul.... more »

  • In Scotland

    I asked Robert Burns
    What inside his soul yearns,
    He looked at me and then he spoke
    But, then I awoke.... more »

  • In The Eyes Of God

    We are all equal in the eyes of God
    Sadly, we aren't equal in the eyes of man,
    We are judged and we judge by race and belief
    Sadly we bring forth both hate and grief.... more »

  • In The Garden

    In the garden I saw a Rose
    It stood alone and seemed so sad,
    But, I knew it was strong and made others glad
    So, I wrote this one prose.... more »

  • In The Rain

    World War1 and I was there
    Along with God and my brothers with a prayer,
    Respect and honor was ours to gain
    While we all stood in the pouring rain.... more »

  • In The Shadows

    I stand in the shadows
    With all the Christmas wishes,
    In my tattered worn clothes
    Alongside all the Christmas dishes.... more »

  • In The Swing

    When we were younger we pushed each other on the swings
    We would push so hard until in the sky we could see all things,
    Once I was pushed so high, I could almost touch the birds in the sky
    Then I fell out of my swing, now I am up in the sky, wearing my wings.... more »

  • In The Wilderness

    To my children I will not be a mystery
    I will be their history,
    All my stories I will proudly share
    As though they were there.... more »

  • Infancy

    Whining crying little infant
    You make my life feel so insignificant
    I hold you and rock you so you will sleep
    But you will not, and so you still weep.... more »

  • Inside A Lie

    We all are living inside a lie,
    But some of us accept it as the truth;
    We never say really or even ask why;
    We are children and we are the youth,... more »

  • Inside My Heart

    Inside my heart, I love you
    With a love that shines so deep,
    So I will say I will love you forever
    And forever, your love I shall keep.... more »

  • Inside Of You

    let me in, inside of you
    With my love let it soothe,
    By taking you up, and lying you down,
    Riding with you all around.... more »

  • Insignificant

    Small, insignificant little sparrow
    Just think if I had shot you with an arrow
    Not because of hate or a food demand
    But only because I hold a weapon in my hand... more »

  • Inspired Blaze

    I stare into the fire
    I want to inspire,
    The soul I want to burn
    Directions I want to turn.... more »

  • Intertwined

    When you were once intertwined in my heart
    I remember that joy and pride immensely
    You were my soul and you were my counterpart
    And I loved you, and I needed you intensely... more »

  • Into Hell

    One thing that the Devil will not tell
    It is that he doesn't send souls to Hell,
    It is not him who cast souls into that lake of fire
    Even though that is his happiest desire.... more »

  • Into The Darkness

    I will not go willingly into the darkness, 

    When death says it is my time to go, him I will fight;
    They say that dying will be peaceful and harmless,
    But, I heard he lies, so I will keep my feet firmly in the sunlight.... more »