• Is Betrayed

    Of the Man that is betrayed,
    Of knives and bullets he is not afraid,
    Enemies and foes are all about,
    Trusting strangers he is in doubt,... more »

  • Is Love

    Love is like the bloom of a flower
    Opening up after a spring shower
    Showing the world of its beauty known
    And also knowing it's sad to be alone.... more »

  • It Doesn't Matter

    It doesn't matter if you live in a mansion
    Or if you live on the side of the road,
    It doesn't matter if you are quite young
    Or if you are very, very old,... more »

  • It Is

    It is easier to fall off a bar stool than it is to fall into a ditch
    And it is easier to become poor, than it is to become rich.

    It is cheaper to buy water, than it is to buy milk or champagne... more »

  • It Is Christmas

    It is Christmas Eve
    Santa comes tonight,
    Dreams children will weave
    For the morning light.... more »

  • It Is The Soul

    The devil came to my back door
    As he had come many times before,
    But, not for the belongings in my drawer
    Or to the promise to make me poor.... more »

  • It Is Written

    This will be written in verse
    When I created the universe,
    I was alone, so I debated
    Then the universe I created.... more »

  • It Isn't Christmas Time

    It is Christmas-time and I see the lights
    I also watch the arguments and I hear the fights,
    Again I look and I pray for that one bright star
    While others are looking at the lights on a police car.... more »

  • It Was Just A Dream

    It was just a dream, she wasn't lying there
    With her earrings on and her messed up hair,
    Her clothes are not lying upon my bedroom floor
    Neither are they stuffed inside my dresser drawer,... more »

  • James Foley (Beheaded)

    He wasn't a mercenary
    So, of course he wasn't a fighter,
    He wasn't a recruit or in the military
    He was just a journalist, a writer.... more »

  • Jamie

    She told me that she was tired
    I was truly uninspired,
    As she walked, and also talked
    As though she was retired.... more »

  • Jealousy

    Jealousy is such a hated mistress
    When she attacks romance without salvation
    She causes anxiety and also distress
    She is Satan's earliest and happiest creation.... more »

  • Jesse James

    Jesse James enjoyed his job
    Which was not to labor, but to rob,
    He enjoyed stealing money from trains and banks
    Then when he took their cash, he always gave thanks;... more »

  • Jessica

    She won't wear a short skirt or a dress
    I am sad, as I joylessly confess,
    I think of how I would continually stare
    When or if a short skirt or dress for me she would wear.... more »

  • Jessica Faye

    God I pray for Jessica Faye
    Please watch over her this, and every day,
    Because the road that she has taken
    Truthfulness and loyalty she has now forsaken.... more »

  • Jessica The Lass

    I need you to hold unto my hand
    While wearing your short tartan skirt,
    Whilst we are in this mystical land
    When eyes will be upon you and not the dirt.... more »

  • Jesus At Midnight

    Jesus walks at Sunrise,
    I wrote that once before
    Through the clouds in his shroud
    With tears, in his eyes.... more »

  • Jesus At Sunrise

    The other day I was weeping
    The tears keep coming to my eyes,
    Then I looked outside my window
    As though compelled to look toward the skies.... more »

  • Jesus Is My Lord And Savior

    Jesus is my Lord and my savior
    He makes a brave man even braver,
    He is my Lord and my King
    Unto him I will praise as I sing,... more »

  • Jezebel

    Whatever you might say or do
    I still want to get even with you,
    I want you in pain and to suffer
    It will make me stronger, and tougher.... more »

  • Jezebel's Spirit

    She lied and she cheated
    Loves of others became unseated,
    Others then sadly and often claimed
    Of them she was always ashamed.... more »

  • Jobe

    There was a man whose name was Jobe,
    Who walked the wilderness in his robe.

    I said unto Jobe rest from your sorrow,... more »

  • John Mccain

    His life was like a patriot's book
    In the pot of morality, salts of heroes were shook,
    He never cowered or cried or shook
    A great hero, destiny did cook.... more »

  • Judas

    Judas spoke his side of the story
    About the betrayal and the crucifixion of Christ
    Judas though wasn’t seeking praise and glory
    What he did for us, was his great sacrifice,... more »

  • Judge

    I do not judge, any one at all
    They alone should decide to either rise or fall,
    If they believe that they should not fight
    How can we call them wrong, when they are right,... more »