• Judged

    Will they judge me by the color of my skin
    Instead by my soul and whats deep within
    When I am greeted by either women or men
    Will they even ask where I have been.... more »

  • Judged By He

    Unto me you can cheat and steal
    You can do everything against my will,
    My name if you want to you can still slander
    You can also remain a constant demander.... more »

  • Judgement For Us All

    The Bible it salvages the sinner
    The soul becomes the beginner
    The truth will triumph over a lie
    Judgement is truthful and it will justify.... more »

  • Judgement Of Immigrants

    How could we look upon God's face
    Without any shame or utter disgrace,
    Especially after a life that many have led
    Where hate and jealousy is all that they believed and said.... more »

  • Judging A Woman

    If we judge a woman by the way, she looks
    Or even how she dresses or how she cooks
    Shouldn't we all then be judged and stereotyped the same... more »

  • Judging Herself

    I blame all my problems on you
    And on everything in my life that has gone wrong,
    And when you hear my saddened, "boo hoo"
    I am making someone else sad, and myself strong.... more »

  • Judgment

    There will always be a war, or rumors of a war
    Until man says; no more!
    Evil will wear a frown, when man puts his foot down
    If not! in blood he will drown.... more »

  • Jury Duty

    I am one of the twelve chosen to decide another man's fate
    If charged with the crime, the judge then decides the date,
    It will be up to us twelve to decide of innocence or guilt
    Then either his freedom is given, or his gallows will be built.... more »

  • Just A Dream

    First we want and then we desire
    The soul is consumed by need and fire
    To build and create becomes the passion
    And by doing our will, will become the action.... more »

  • Just A Fence

    I say this in truth and not in pretense
    All else I wish to own is just a fence
    A fence that is made out of steel or wood
    Placed around my property as it should... more »

  • Just A Poet

    I am just a poet
    Poems are my life
    Words are the soul
    The pen is my might.... more »

  • Just A Waste

    Up in heaven where you rule and dwell
    Where only your judgement will ever prevail,
    Do you still watch your children as we fight and fuss
    I wonder if you do, if you're tired of each and everyone of us;... more »

  • Just Be Kind

    I will never, ever lie or cheat
    Copy that, then return, and then repeat,
    And no one will I ever use or abuse
    Never will I believe in rumors, or the news.... more »

  • Just Because

    Just because you did
    Doesn't mean that you should
    Just because you can
    Doesn't mean that you could... more »

  • Just Don't

    Don't hate someone
    Because someone wants you to hate them,
    Don't dislike anyone
    Because someone wants you to dislike them.... more »

  • Just Love Me

    If you love me, just love me
    But, love me for whom I am,
    Don't love me for the person you want me to be
    But, love me for what you see, as that is who I am;... more »

  • Just Muslims

    Turn them all away,
    Kick them all out (and pray) ,
    Remember they all are Muslims;
    They are not Christians (they are sinners)... more »

  • Just One

    With one hand I held your hand
    And with the other hand I held to my heart
    As you are the one who made me complete
    So never from you will I leave or part.... more »

  • Just One Sin

    I do not rob and I will not ever steal
    I donate money to help the poor to get their meal,
    Never do I swear nor will I ever curse
    My favorite readings has always been any Bible verse.... more »

  • Just Stay Home

    You don't need to go outside
    To go for a ride,
    You don't need to go to the store
    As you have done many times before,... more »

  • Just Think

    Dream not of today, but think of tomorrow
    Think only of happiness and not of sorrow,
    Think not of now, but think also of then
    Dream not of losses, but think of a win.... more »

  • Just Think If

    Just think if everyone did care
    Just think if the wealthy paid their fair share,
    Just think if we had cleaner air
    Then into our soul we could happily stare.... more »

  • Just Walk Away

    When people talk to put you down
    Hoping to bring you tears or give you a frown,
    Instead of giving them another day
    Just turn around, and walk away.... more »

  • Keep Going

    The biggest lesson for me this year
    Was when I looked at myself in a mirror,
    No more was i going to let anyone defeat me
    With an insult or even with a knee.... more »

  • Kentucky

    When I look down upon the valley
    Admiring the wonder and the beauty below,
    I am taken in and awestruck by nature
    Then, for a second, I see what God does know.... more »