• A Woman Like You

    Would you want your son to know a woman like you
    With every step that she made you've already put another man through,
    She smiles and she promises and your son just wants to believe
    But, soon you know in sadness and heartbreak and tears, he will grieve,... more »

  • A Woman's Boobs

    A man can't compete against a woman and that is a fact
    Even if he has power and position, she has a rack,
    He has wealth and good looks the man confidently admits
    But, he can't compete against a woman, as she has tits.... more »

  • A Woman's Curve

    She pondered, "where is my curve",
    That all men want to observe,
    She then cursed as she stared into her mirror
    That shape couldn't be found, so she sheds a tear.... more »

  • A Woman's Hate

    Women hate other women
    As much as I would hate being in a lion’s den,
    They are vicious and they don’t really care
    To ruin another woman’s reputation, or even pull out their hair,... more »

  • A Woman's Lingerie

    She will spend hours shopping for lingerie
    At the stores or in the catalogs they're both okay,
    For that temptation to wear, for her lover to stare
    Excitedly to receive that lustful hurray.... more »

  • A Woman's Stand

    I will not lie down
    For a dictator or a crown,
    Even for a man
    Because he thinks that I should and can.... more »

  • A Woman's Touch

    She told me that my house needed a woman's touch
    I threw on my breaks, but first my clutch,
    I told her where or why did she get that thought or ideal
    In my house there is only one soul, and only one will.... more »

  • A Wrinkle

    A wrinkle stands not only for age
    But, for the many miles that we've went,
    For our sadness, and also for all our rage
    And for all the uncounted smiles that we never sent.... more »

  • A.D.D

    She told me that she had A.D.D
    I asked her what was one plus two, she said: "three"
    I was so impressed that I asked her again
    What was seven plus three, and she said: "ten"... more »

  • Abigail

    Abigail, dear sweet Abigail
    How I wish our love it did not fail
    Wished we had walked the very same trail
    I wished that our love, did prevail.... more »

  • Achieved

    I washed my hands my job is done
    I’ve worked alone and my journal has been completed
    My task has been reached with help from no one
    Another project I attacked, and it has been defeated.... more »

  • Adam And Steve

    They say that God created Adam and Eve
    But, he did not create Adam and Steve,
    I do not know who he created, as I was not there
    And who or why he created, I do not really care;... more »

  • Adam Lyal

    Poor Adam Lyal is deceased
    His last rights were given by a priest,
    No longer has his jail door clanged
    This morning, Adam Lyal was hanged.... more »

  • Adam's Apple

    I tasted the apple and its taste was sweet
    But I did not like the knowledge it gave unto me
    So, I tossed it half eaten down unto my feet
    It gave me truth and facts, but with it I did disagree,... more »

  • Addicted

    I once was afflicted,
    No, I was once addicted,
    To adventures and high thrills
    Then to needles, booze and pills.... more »

  • Admiration

    I had admired her once from afar
    Like a butterfly kept inside a jar,
    I saw that beauty in just a glance
    But I wasn’t looking for love; just romance,... more »

  • Adulthood

    I was tired of youth and being one of the boys
    I wanted to hurry up and be one of the men
    Finally I became an adult, so I threw away my toys
    Truly now I wish, that I was a boy once again.... more »

  • Affection

    I would give you a kiss for all of your tears;
    I would give you a hug for all of your fears;
    I would hold you tight, everyday and every night;
    Then someday, all of your pain and sadness will disappear.... more »

  • Afraid To Sleep

    When you are old and afraid to sleep
    And you can't find solace even by counting sheep,
    Your eyes are tired and gray and your torment is deep
    But, do not worry and do not weep;... more »

  • After Death

    Should we not believe, there is life after death
    Instead of realizing it when we take our last breath,
    Knowing that by our past deeds we will all be judged
    And in the book of life our names will not be smudged;... more »

  • After Death (Final Reward)

    When this life of mine is over
    And then I will go to my eternal rest
    What about my accomplishments here on earth
    Will they all be remembered, and will I feel blessed.... more »

  • Aftermath

    'The Tree Still Stands! '
    Exclaimed the boy clasping his hands
    To his Father who was walking the rear,
    And to his Grandfather who was nowhere near.... more »

  • Again, All Alone

    Only in a city of millions
    Inside a continent of billions,
    With breaths and heartbeats in the trillions
    It is where that I have flown.... more »

  • Against A Racist

    This is my bases
    I will not ever support a racist,
    No matter the color of the skin
    I will not ever support that evil and sin.... more »

  • Ahmaud Arbery

    He wasn't shot for being a thief
    Or for being a liar of a cheat,
    Though his lifetime was short and very brief
    He was kind and also sweet.... more »