• Man Said No!

    I wanted to build myself a boat
    Everyone said that it wouldn't float
    As carpentry and boating I do not know
    So man unto me, he said no.... more »

  • Man Was Warned

    Man was told not to eat a fruit
    That one rule his wife did dispute,
    After that one bite man was then cursed
    Sadly that one sin became his first.... more »

  • Mandilyn

    As I lie on the grass
    In the field upon my back,
    At the heavens as I stare,
    To remember my love, who now is there.... more »

  • Manford, In The Cave

    Manford was the happiest man that I have ever known
    He was the man that lived in a cave all alone,
    Never did I see him worry or hear him cry
    He was indeed the luckiest man alive.... more »

  • Man's Best Friend

    A time in my life I had nothing at all;
    I thought my world had come to an end;
    Then as I sadly looked about my home;
    In the corner of my eye, I saw my best friend.... more »

  • Man's Happy Day

    There are two happy days in every man's life
    The first one being when he takes himself a wife,
    A woman that he loves will now become his bride
    Two souls will become one, as their souls are tied;... more »

  • Man's Poverty

    Though he was born in poverty
    We're no better you or me,
    His hands are clean, but ours are dirty
    And we present ourselves as Lordly.... more »

  • Man's Single Life

    There was Lynn and Heather, Kim and Sharon
    Chris and Julie, Amy and of Course Mary;
    Then came Janet and Kathy, Kate and Karen
    Tammie and Lily, Teresa and then came Cherri.... more »

  • Man's Sins

    GOD wants all man to make it to Heaven
    While man is determined to send himself to Hell
    As he will deny the law, that GOD gave us all
    Then that road to heaven he will ultimately fail.... more »

  • Man's Worth

    Is a man's existence worth more than a loaf of bread
    To save himself from starvation so he steals to be fed
    Then off to prison should he then be led
    If a man cannot afford food, should he be better off dead.... more »

  • Marbles

    I have only one marble
    But, my friend has two,
    Pretty soon I will want more
    Than just having a few.... more »

  • Marching

    They are marching, marching, marching
    They are marching in the band,
    As they follow their drum major
    With his baton waving in his hand,... more »

  • Marijuana

    Out in the world there is a magical plant
    But, to grow it, to use it, the law says that I can't,
    A law was created by greed and a Christian legislature
    Though this plant was created by God, and Mother Nature.... more »

  • Marty

    I will not give Marty the boot
    Nor him will I harass or shoot,
    If in any political office I want no person to stay
    My vote will speak it loudly, on Election Day.... more »

  • Mascara Mishap

    She puts on her lipstick and mascara,
    As we prepare to go out for the night,
    I compliment her on her beauty
    Upon my eyes she is a sensual delight.... more »

  • Massacre At Glencoe (Don't Trust A Campbell)

    He shouted, 'don't trust a Campbell! '
    Then he spat upon the ground;
    'Don't trust a Campbell! '
    Then on the table his fist he did pound.... more »

  • Master Of Destiny

    I am the master of my destiny
    The captain of my ship
    Sailing the oceans and the sea
    My fortune and providence is my trip.... more »

  • Mate

    As man is destined by his heart and fate
    He will search for his one and true soulmate
    He will knock at every door and cross every fence
    Man is determined and his want is immense.... more »

  • Maybe

    Maybe there is no GOD
    Maybe there is just you and me,
    Just think, out there could be nothing
    Now! I just want to believe.... more »

  • Maybe Today

    Maybe today, or perhaps tomorrow
    With a happiness and a joy, or maybe with a sorrow,
    Maybe hours from now, or conceivably next week
    When people are feeling brave, or are stupid and very weak,... more »

  • Mcclave's Meal Prayer

    I thank you Lord for the food we're about to eat
    I thank you Lord for the drinks and the bread and the meat,
    Thank you Lord for all that you have given me
    I especially thank you Lord for my friends and family.... more »

  • Me

    Who am I am;
    Am I that much different than you,
    I have two legs... more »

  • Meaning Of Life

    What is the meaning of life
    Is it to be born and then to die
    To that question once again I have thought
    As once again for that answer I have sought.... more »

  • Meaning Of Love

    Love is created out of truth, honesty and kindness
    It is not formed from lies, cheating and sadness,
    Love is created by two and joined by GOD to make one
    It is a pack that is made together, and life is the bond,... more »

  • Medicaid (In Kentucky)

    In the ground I am now laid
    Not long after I lost my Medicaid,
    People are now chanting and people are cheering
    Because of my low income they were fearing.... more »