• Melania

    If I were to marry again
    I would want a wife who supports me to sin,
    A wife who doesn't care when I lie and cheat
    And she must always praise me and kiss my feet.... more »

  • Melody.. Boxers Don't Ever Cry

    She took a hard right to the chin
    She gave out a grin,
    Crowing went the hen
    She then smiled and got hit again.... more »

  • Melons

    I like melons I told her
    She said that she liked them too,
    But, I was staring at her breasts at that moment
    My statement was a bit misconstrued.... more »

  • Melt In The Air

    All that is solid will soon melt in the air
    What once was genuine will no longer be there,
    What had stood for a lifetime it will soon disappear
    Soon all will melt in the sun and the atmosphere.... more »

  • Memorial Day

    On the graves we place the flowers
    Where brave soldiers rests and never cowers,
    For our country they bravely served and died
    They are truly, American pride,... more »

  • Men Or Women (The Difference)

    Women love live flowers, long baths, and perfume
    Whereas men enjoy power tools, quick showers, and the bathroom,
    A woman wants to sit down with a man with problems to discuss
    Where a man just wants to always know; What is all the fuss!... more »

  • Mending Your Ways

    Unless you mend your evil ways
    The law will send you to jail,
    And until you ask GOD for his forgiveness
    GOD, will send you to hell.... more »

  • Menopause

    I sent out a personal S.O.S
    She again was having pms,
    I think the room was again getting too hot
    As I saw a boiling pot,... more »

  • Merry Christmas I Will Say

    "Merry Christmas", I say
    to one and all,
    "Merry Christmas", I will say
    to Abraham, Muhammad, Buddha and Paul.... more »

  • Million Stars

    There are a million stars up in the sky
    But, only one star in a million attracts my eye,
    Even though they all shimmer and they all shine
    There is only one star that I want as mine.... more »

  • Mindy

    For Mindy I will say a prayer
    With love, hope and care,
    God is the true and the loving answer
    Unto any person who has cancer.... more »

  • Minglers

    (I heard the women mingle,
    Why am I still single) .

    She asked me if I smoked or chew... more »

  • Mocked

    Be not deceived, GOD cannot be mocked
    A man will always reap what he sows
    GOD is no fool, but man he will be shocked
    For what man does, GOD already knows,... more »

  • Mollie

    I sadly say goodbye to Mollie
    After she had painfully left our world,
    There is no sense only melancholy
    As hate at her was hurled.... more »

  • Mona Lisa

    Who was the Mona Lisa
    What was her way and lifestyle,
    Was she from Florence or from Pisa
    Who was that woman behind that smile.... more »

  • Monetary Freedom

    I saw you lying there on the ground
    Were you waiting to just be found,
    Many pedestrians I saw pass you by
    But, this time, not I.... more »

  • Moo

    I wished that I were a bull
    Over all cows I would majestically rule,
    Standing alone on a hill in my field
    Unto the heavens my horns I would proudly wield.... more »

  • Moonlight

    Moonlight and the stars are bright
    Shinning down upon me
    Look down and all around
    And see what you can see,... more »

  • More Of A Man Than Me

    She said that he was more of a man than me
    Though he cheated and committed adultery
    He does not work so he doesn't have a job
    So all he knows to do is to lie and rob.... more »

  • More Syrians Lay Dead

    More Syrians now lay dead
    As the news had said,
    Now the people of the United States are cheering
    Those Syrians they will no longer be fearing,... more »

  • More Than Life Itself

    I love you more than life itself
    Is that so much of a crime,
    To say for you, I’d do all I could
    Even if it meant for me to live or die.... more »

  • Moscow Mitch

    We must reduce the governments debt
    I said, "yes", he said, "Nyet",
    Also I am against Russia's voting interference
    But, he allowed it and he gave them clearance.... more »

  • Mother Nature

    Mother nature can you please tell me
    Tell me why, you are as moody as my wife
    Even though you have never yelled at me
    You both still give me headaches and strife.... more »

  • Mother Nature's

    The trees and the grass and the insects say enter
    It is time again to hibernate and for the world to go into winter,
    But, then I feel the heat and a summer's breeze
    The sun angrily with this notion disagrees.... more »

  • Mother's Advice

    A woman don't really need a man
    To help her to do the best that she can,
    And to make a woman feel any hotter
    She doesn't need a man, spoke Carolyn to her daughter.... more »