• My Cremation

    When they lay me out for viewing
    The dreams of others will begin pursuing,
    I know that many will be snooping about my house
    As quick and as silent as a louse,... more »

  • My Death Is Coming Soon

    My death it is coming soon
    I can feel it in the air
    And I know that I will not be missed
    Even when I am lying there.... more »

  • My Depression

    She told me that she had depression
    I gave her my own secret confession,
    I am also doleful, discouraged and blue
    Like her, I have depression too.... more »

  • My Destiny

    There is now only me
    No one left on the family tree,
    Loneliness is my decree
    But, I will be brave.... more »

  • My Dignity And Pride

    I would had fought for her both tooth and nail
    For her I would had went straight to hell,
    I would have gave up all that I had and owned
    My life for her, I would have honestly postponed.... more »

  • My Epitaph

    Don't know if I will wave my hand
    Don't know if I will nod my head
    Don't know how I will say goodbye
    Knowing that soon, I will lay dead.... more »

  • My Equal

    She says that she is my equal
    I tell her that she is not!
    When I have to piss I am standing
    Whereas she has to always sit or squat.... more »

  • My Ex

    All you wanted me for was sex
    That is why you are now my ex,
    I was used by you for almost everything
    But, I was never given a promised wedding ring.... more »

  • My Faith (Easter)

    I cried as I stood below the cross
    My sadness was created by a great loss,
    With drops of blood I was a lost sheep
    Without my shepherd, I did weep.... more »

  • My Feet

    I walk and I walk on my two tired feet,
    Please do not fail me, as people I need to meet.

    Feet please take me wherever I need to go,... more »

  • My Forest

    I planted a sapling then it became a tree,
    Tall and majestic, mother nature would surly agree,
    Then I planted other samplings, now I have woods
    Soon, I will forget about those loud city neighborhoods.... more »

  • My Friend

    What if your friend was gone tomorrow
    And you never told them how you felt,
    Would your soul be wrapped up in sorrow
    If at their coffin you knelt.... more »

  • My Garden

    I tilled my garden until my back did hurt
    Then I planted the seeds into the earth
    I covered them with the sweet, sweet dirt
    Excitedly I will wait for their summer birth.... more »

  • My Garden, My Soul

    Hate; it will devastate
    It corrupts the soul and mind
    It will only anger and then frustrate
    And it will cause a good man to go blind,... more »

  • My Grief

    When she died I had only grief
    It entered my soul like a thief
    It was all the love that I should had have gave, but couldn't
    I hid it and I ignored it, which I shouldn't.... more »

  • My Heritage

    As I open up my book and turn the page
    It reflects to me exactly who I am,
    As I read more about my own family heritage
    Now I know why I care, and why I give a damn,... more »

  • My Home

    Before you knock at my door or ring my bell
    One thing you must know about where I dwell... more »

  • My Home Town

    My home town
    The place where I was born,
    where I learned of love
    And was taught of truth... more »

  • My House

    This is my house,
    Treat it as such,
    It is where I dwell.
    It is my castle,... more »

  • My House Of Mine

    My house has several windows
    Which I can look upon my yard,
    In the daytime they are my escape
    And at nighttime they are my guard.... more »

  • My Inspiration

    You are my inspiration,
    You are the reasons that I write,
    You are the reasons why I dream and wish
    If I were a boxer, you'd be the reason that I'd fight,... more »

  • My Lie

    I told a lie
    Now I want only to die,
    That piece of untruth, became my fruit
    With it I must now forever lie.... more »

  • My Life

    I would give you my life, if only that I could
    But, I can't, so I will give you a plant,
    You can then water it and then raise it good
    Pretend that it's me, then you will have a tree.... more »

  • My Lifetime

    To live a lifetime without you
    That would be the hardest life to live,
    It would be a lifetime of pain and torture
    It would be an eternity that I couldn't live or give;... more »

  • My List

    I am always a Christian first
    I am then a proud father second,
    I am a patriotic American third
    And fourth I am a poet, I reckoned.... more »