• My Migraine

    I once had a migraine
    I still remember it's un-godly pain,
    As it pounded upon my brain
    Which made me feel quite insane.... more »

  • My Mistress

    She puts on her little black dress,
    And the lipstick that I like her to wear
    I enjoy it when other men stare,
    She is my mistress.... more »

  • My Mother

    My father taught me how to swear and when to curse
    My mother was the one who taught me to read a Bible’s verse,
    She was the one who taught me how to forgive and to forget
    Whereas my father taught me how to fight, and also how to hit.... more »

  • My Muse

    They say that every man is given a muse
    To inspire and to inspirit the road he'll choose,
    Together they'll walk in the same worn shoes
    Pain and suffering, many times will be the artist's dues.... more »

  • My Music

    I wish that I could play music
    But, I can't even sing a song;
    And every time that I try to play a guitar,
    Or sing, I always do it all wrong.... more »

  • My Name Is Jace

    I looked upon his saddened face
    Held together with dreams and grace,
    No father figure to stand there with
    Was needing or wanting a father, just a myth.... more »

  • My Nephew

    My nephew has moved in with me now
    So, I had to go out and buy a cow,
    Just because he drinks gallons of milk at one time
    And I don't even get a penny, or nickel, or dime.... more »

  • My Nephew's Pill

    My nephew wanted to give me a pill
    Even though I am not Ill,
    He said this pill a vitamin would make me stronger
    And if I keep taking them, I will live longer;... more »

  • My Nightmare

    I just want to wake up from this nightmare
    Where there is no loyalty or even care,
    I am so tired of this sadness and ache
    I just want to awake.... more »

  • My Older Brother

    I once looked up to him when I was a little boy,
    I wanted to be just like him, so he I did annoy,
    I emulated his every move and even the way he walked,
    I even began to spit and curse, I even mimicked the way he talked.... more »

  • My Only Friend

    You, I will always defend
    Until the bitter end,
    Upon me you can always depend
    You are my only true friend.... more »

  • My Opinion

    You might not agree with what I see
    You might object to a reasoning or thought
    But it is your right to speak and disagree
    And to say that you can't; I will not.... more »

  • My Own Skin

    I looked upon my own skin;
    Then I turned my head and I looked at it again.

    In my hand I examined the red rose petal,... more »

  • My Past Life

    When you look down upon my face;
    And you see the sadness and also the disgrace,
    Please remember, they were not always there;
    But think of me in your thoughts and your prayer.... more »

  • My Race

    If I cannot stand straight and tall
    On my hands and knees I will crawl
    I might not keep up with another man’s pace
    But this one thing I know, I will finish the race... more »

  • My Right Hand

    When I asked my left hand what my right hand just did;
    It just hid,
    It was unknowing from what my right hand had performed
    My left hand was left in the dark, and uninformed.... more »

  • My Ring Finger

    On my finger I wore my wedding ring
    Then I sued for divorce among other things,
    Sadly I was heartbroken and I felt the sting
    But, I was tired of all the lying and the flings.... more »

  • My Roar Is Fading

    To the west or to the east,
    I was king of the beast.

    In the jungle I was once respected and feared,... more »

  • My Shoes

    If you were to wear my shoes
    Would you do the things that I have done,
    Fight the battles that I must fight
    Or would you turn around and run.... more »

  • My Son

    When I was weak
    You made me feel strong,
    When I was sad
    You filled my soul with a song,... more »

  • My Son And Me

    All that my son will ever think about
    Will be the money for him that I have spent,
    And for missing that luxury alone he will pout
    He won't even pray or care if I am heaven sent.... more »

  • My Son Didn't Have My Back

    I didn't marry for love or desire
    Or even for some fun,
    There was only reason that I married again
    And it was all because of my son.... more »

  • My Soul

    Upon my own tortured soul
    I still wonder who gave me that gift,
    If it abandons me will I still be whole
    Or would my demeanor and personality shift.... more »

  • My Surname

    She wanted to have my last name,
    But, I wouldn't allow it because of her wickedness and shame,
    She has worn men's last names many times before
    And I didn't want her past coming to my front door;... more »

  • My Temple

    Alcohol, I have never tasted
    That's why I have never been wasted,
    Cigarettes I have never smoked
    Because of them I have never coughed or choked,... more »