• Nowadays

    Yesterday, it has come and gone
    Arriving with the sun and leaving with the dawn
    Remembrance of memories and wishes for that day
    Now forever they will belong, to yesterday.... more »

  • Number 45

    The balloons fly high over their heads
    Everyone is applauding, but not his followers or the feds,
    He says that he feels so un-welcomed over there in the U.K
    Well, we don't like him over here either, in the U.S.A.... more »

  • Number 47

    Don't know if his name is Luke or Paul
    Or maybe it's even Kevin,
    He was stripped off his guise of a human being
    Now they just call him number forty seven.... more »

  • Obeyed The Heart

    I gave all to love
    All that I had,
    All that I possessed
    And all that made me glad.... more »

  • Obsession

    Once I was deeply obsessed
    To my preacher my problem I confessed,
    After I told him what my obsession was
    He said unto me an obsession is not love.... more »

  • Occupant

    Occupant, occupant, occupant I always get their mail,
    I wonder if I read it or trash it, will I be sent to jail,
    When I get home from work, their mail is stuffed inside my mailbox,
    It is mixed in with my own personal mail, it becomes my drawer of socks.... more »

  • Off To War

    Ann was in tears as she sent Jimmy off to war
    She cried as she thought that she would not see him anymore,
    Maybe he will be killed, or shot, or become a prisoner of war
    Those feelings Ann had about Jimmy, them she could not ignore.... more »

  • Oh God!

    Oh God, my God
    Please tell me what I have done,
    I grabbed a weapon instead of my rod
    And now my repentance has already begun;... more »

  • Oh My Love (A Kiss)

    A kiss is a dream, a fantasy of desire
    It is created from ice, and also by fire;
    Oh my love she is like a kiss
    Always remembered, and never amiss.... more »

  • Ohio

    Crickets are chirping
    To the awakening mother Earth
    Frogs are croaking again,
    I am walking on the land... more »

  • Old Oak Tree

    Old Oak Tree,
    Do you remember me
    Tell me, do you remember me
    After all those nights... more »

  • Old School

    You might think it's harder or maybe that I am a fool
    But, I enjoy doing things my way, so I do them old school,
    It was how that I was raised, just to follow one strict rule
    And that rule always worked for my father, so I always go old school;... more »

  • Oldest Professions

    Through sex and needs and money and possession
    Prostitution became the worlds oldest known profession,
    Then also from money and needs and sex I reckoned
    Politics, will always come in as a very close second.... more »

  • Omran

    For Omran, I had cried
    As everyone around him had died,
    He just sat disoriented in silence
    As he thought alone in the ambulance;... more »

  • On My Deathbed

    As I lie on my deathbed
    Thoughts and memories start entering my head,
    With all the hate and anger that I held
    I wish now that they all could be expelled.... more »

  • On My Knee

    Violence begets violence I do believe
    Which is the reason why I still grieve,
    With revenge or violence I will not ever retaliate
    I will not seal my own destiny, and fate.... more »

  • On The Couch

    Whenever she spent the night at my house
    And not in the genre of a lonely spouse,
    Or just whenever she was a grouch
    I ended up always sleeping on the couch.... more »

  • On The Motorcycle

    In the air as I flew,
    I wonder if my rider then knew,
    That in a few moments we would both be dead
    How I wish, that I had a helmet on my head.... more »

  • On The Wall

    There upon the ceiling was a fly,
    That was buzzing all about
    It was there watching me without a doubt,
    As though it was a spy.... more »

  • Once

    Once a cheater always a cheat
    While living a life just to deceive
    To practice fraud, which no-one will applaud
    And the truth no one will ever believe.... more »

  • Once Before

    I loved you once before
    But now I love you no more,
    Those emotions were by your design
    But the feelings were all mine,... more »

  • Once Believed

    I once believed in the Easter bunny and also Santa Claus
    I didn't believe in hate or murder or corruption or the misuse of laws,
    Santa would bring me presents, but only if I was very good
    And the Easter Bunny brought me sweets, as I remember from my childhood,... more »

  • Once One

    We were once joined together
    Forever I thought we would be one
    Not two or three or four or five
    Just one and to continue on,... more »

  • Once Proud Americans

    We beat the British and the Germans and the Japanese
    And other great powers we brought them down to their knees,
    Now many Americans want a wall, or need to carry a gun
    They forgot the pride and the honor that their fathers had won.... more »

  • Once Related

    He is not my father-in-law anymore
    But, when I need help, he's knocking at my door,
    He is always there with his helping hands
    Happily proving to me where his morality stands.... more »