• Alcohol

    Drinking never made me a happier person
    Nor did it allow me to enjoy my life more
    If anything it caused my attitude to worsen
    Then in the end I ended up face down on the floor.... more »

  • All Alone

    I would rather be all alone
    Like the moon in a starless night,
    Than to ever be with a vengeful woman again
    Who is also full of hatefulness and spite.... more »

  • All Dogs Go To Heaven

    All dogs will go to heaven
    At least that is what they all say,
    Even if though they don't go to church
    Or know the words to pray.... more »

  • All I Want

    I don't really ask for much
    Just for air, my health and such,
    And if I needed to ever make a stand
    I never ask for another person's hand.... more »

  • All Lives Matter

    Before anymore vengeance or blood splatter
    Let me just say this, “all lives matter”,
    We all were created out of the very same mold
    But, then we were colored with different dye, as I have been told,... more »

  • All Men Are Equal

    Some men are born poor
    While other are born with riches,
    Some men are born wearing bibbed overalls
    While some are born wearing fine laid out britches.... more »

  • All That Heaven Allows

    I want to look at her naked
    As a mother would look at her newborn child,
    Then I want to awe upon her beauty
    But, she will not be defiled.... more »

  • All We Do Is Pray

    I am so tired of Christian's praying
    With the empty words that they keep saying,
    But, one thought that I believe is true
    God, is probably tired of them too.... more »

  • Alone

    I am alone;
    But, that is not a secret told;
    Or a secret known;
    And it's not an item sold.... more »

  • Alone And Bored

    I am so bored
    Like an unused Samurai sword,
    I want to go out and explore
    And do so much more.... more »

  • Alone And Inspired

    As I sit alone and unwanted
    With 4 dark walls encircling me,
    Then I am loudly haunted
    With people I can hear, but do not see.... more »

  • Alpenglow

    Up before sunrise I saw the alpenglow,
    Upon the summits of the mountains
    A long, long time ago.... more »

  • Already Cried

    I will cry now for you; I think
    Instead of crying any later
    As of now I am happy and in the pink
    And who knows how I will feel later,... more »

  • Already In Hell

    Though here and now they lie and cheat
    Just as easily as some people will greet,
    They don't care who they use or who they hurt
    They probably think it's their just desert.... more »

  • Always My Bonnie Lass

    My bonnie lass, you're in my past
    Wondering were you are now
    You were my thoughts, but them I lost
    As from my memories they have been plowed.... more »

  • Always On Sunday

    I remember as a family going to church
    And there we would always sing and pray,
    There, salvation my family would search,
    Always on a Sunday,... more »

  • Always With Me

    Though she never packed her clothes
    And boarded onto the plane,
    But, she was still with me, in my brain.
    When I flew over lakes and oceans... more »

  • Am Damned

    He slammed his gavel upon the table
    To all men I swear they all I will label
    If in a woman’s eyes if I should see a tear
    Only her story alone do I want to hear,... more »

  • Amanda Blast Furnace

    I look at the blast furnace from afar
    As some would gaze upon a shiny star,
    And then again I make a steelworker's wish
    That workers again would walk through her kish.... more »

  • Ambition Till The End

    I own a guitar
    But, I can't play a chord,
    I can't strum or finger the frets
    Now my guitar is put away and stored.... more »

  • America - The Holy Empire

    Overspending and a constant war,
    Inflation widened the gap between the rich and the poor.
    Fallen infrastructure and then military overspending,
    Upon slaves and cheap labor they were depending.... more »

  • America Great Again

    'Let's make America great once again! '
    Is what I have heard the people scream and shout,
    I wondered though was it before or after they said, 'Amen'
    But, I would say that with great suspicion and doubt.... more »

  • American Flag

    I am an American, I shout
    When the flag marches on by,
    I am American, and I am proud
    As Her glory comes to my eyes.... more »

  • American Pie

    They'll slice up America like a pie
    Our democracy will then die,
    Then to the greedy they'll make it all legal
    When they serve up, the American bald eagle.... more »

  • American Pride

    I am proud to be an American
    I am proud of our flag which flies,
    And when I feel life, freedom and see hope,
    I realize sacrifice is not greater than the prize.... more »