• Scottish Thistle


    Lovely Scottish Thistle
    Painted with shades of purple... more »

  • Searching

    I have searched here continually on Earth
    Not long since after my birth,
    In different countries, states and towns
    But, all I found was mistrust, lies and frowns.... more »

  • Searching For A Bride

    A man wants to bring home a bride like his mother
    Not like his teacher or preacher or any other,
    He wants the same type of woman that his father caught
    Excited he is to meet her, and then to tie the knot,... more »

  • Searching On The Road

    I went looking for love which was honest and true
    Then I was told for that quest I did not have a clue
    I walked down every street and also every avenue,
    Then I was lost,... more »

  • Second Chance

    I am that bad penny
    Called by my friends, not many,
    As I have a very few, if any.... more »

  • Secrets

    I once held myself a secret
    But then it was told,
    How could anyone be so impetuous
    And also so very bold,... more »

  • Seduced To Marriage

    I get undressed, to rest
    She gets undressed to impress,
    I show my chest, she shows her breast
    Now comes the worries and my stress.... more »

  • See Babies Crying

    I see babies crying
    For their older brothers
    And no one will ever know
    If they'll be home again.... more »

  • See You Soon

    I was at the graveyard about noon
    Then I heard a voice saying, "I'll see you soon",
    I then started questioning myself why
    And frighteningly I thought, was I going to die.... more »

  • Seed To Grow (Tree)

    What if we had no seeds to sow
    Which meant we had no trees to grow
    Then leaves the wind could never blow
    The tree then, we would never know,... more »

  • Seeking Praise

    Must you first get a pat on your back
    Or maybe a medal or even a plaque,
    Must you first receive a congratulation or an award
    Before your help, the needy can afford.... more »

  • Self-Righteous Men

    A man proudly takes his finger to scratch inside his nose
    He doesn't really care where he is, and if it's for a picture he will pose,
    But, if a woman needs to scratch inside her nose she really shouldn't
    And if she really wanted to, she really wouldn't.... more »

  • Separated Or Married

    On the one hand she says she is separated,
    But, then on the other hand she says she is married,
    On the one hand she is wearing a wedding ring,
    And on the other hand her beliefs they are varied.... more »

  • September Morn

    I watch the World around me
    As again I hear nature call,
    For it is the end of summertime
    And the awakening of a beautiful fall.... more »

  • Set Free

    I remember once when your soul was clean
    And also the time when that apple was green
    The apple it grew from the tree upon its limb
    And we matured from children, and grew into women and men... more »

  • Settling Down

    If you my friend are tired of the single life,
    And you want to settle down with a wife,
    A piece of advice to you that I must give,
    Think before you marry, and live.... more »

  • Sex

    Sex was once my master,
    It once controlled my soul and my thoughts,
    My mind and feelings became a disaster,
    From women I only wanted their cheers and applauds.... more »

  • Sex (A Celebration Of Life)

    They say that sex is the celebration of life
    So, being a Christian man I took myself a wife,
    Life with my wife joyfully I wanted to celebrate
    Every night I wanted a repeat of our romantic date.... more »

  • Sex Or Food

    The life for a young man isn't that complex
    When they are young all they think about is having sex,
    Every attractive woman becomes their distraction
    And the women know it, so they become their main attraction;... more »

  • Shall I Go Back To Sleep

    Can I please go back to sleep
    Will you please stop your complaining,
    You have been told by what you sow you shall reap
    And one day unto God your story, you will be explaining.... more »

  • Shannon

    Love lasts forever, isn't that true
    Shannon asked that once of me,
    And with a smile on her face
    I then spoke with no haste,... more »

  • Shanny

    Shanny didn't want to become a mother
    Robert didn't want to become a dad,
    They just wanted to have fun and live together
    Then without thought or caring a child together they had.... more »

  • Sharing My Birthday With The Lord

    To my mother and to all accord
    It is awful to share a birthday with the Lord,
    Though the month is the same and not on the 25th
    Only on Christmas day, do I ever get my birthday and Christmas gift;... more »

  • She

    She gets drunk and then she hits me,
    But, I can never strike her back,
    Because if I do I would be arrested
    And I would receive all of the hateful flak.... more »

  • She Betrayed

    I been proud of every woman that I have been with
    That is no lie or even a myth,
    I been proud of every woman with whom I stood
    And my soul knew that was true and good.... more »