• She Committed Suicide

    Her life was just a curse
    Now, it will never get any worse,
    She lived a short time and then she died
    Last night, she committed suicide.... more »

  • She Died

    She died
    No one was there,
    No one was at her side
    There was no prayer.... more »

  • She Doesn't Owe

    A woman doesn't a owe a man one damn thing
    Even if he gives her a diamond ring,
    If you had met her when she was poor
    Why would you think or believe that she would owe you more.... more »

  • She Finally Rests

    She is a full time mother and grandmother
    And also a full time wife who holds on to another job,
    She cleans her house and takes care of the pets like no other
    Sadly though, she never has the time to sleep, or even to sob.... more »

  • She Gave Me A Smile

    I am leaving once again for a trip
    By a plane, and not by a ship,
    I asked Debs for a kiss (with some guile)
    She just gave me a smile.... more »

  • She Had An Abortion

    She cried that she was raped
    After her rapist had violently escaped,
    To the police this story she embarrassedly told
    And she was just thirteen years old,... more »

  • She Had Lied (Again)

    I took her as my loving bride
    Swearing to me, she should would always be at my side,
    I then sued her for a divorce and so she cried
    She then said that I beat her, again she had lied.... more »

  • She Is A Nurse

    For her task
    She wears a mask
    For 12 plus hours a day,
    She walks the hall... more »

  • She Is Only Mean

    I thought at first that she was a sailor
    By the way that she drank and cursed,
    Then I though that she was a satiric poet
    By the way that her cussing was elegantly versed.... more »

  • She Just Ran

    She just ran, as though in a race
    As though to come in first place,
    Wind on her wings and through her hair
    She has no worries or a care;... more »

  • She Left Me For A Man Who Did

    I never did beat on her
    Nor did I ever cheat on her,
    Never did I mistreat her
    Or would I wantingly defeat her.... more »

  • She Never Said She Was Sorry

    She never said that she was sorry
    For what she had done,
    She never said that she was sorry
    Starting from day number one.... more »

  • She Only Needed Me

    She held my hand
    So, I could help her stand,
    She held it so tightly
    I felt quite proud and knightly.... more »

  • She Promised

    She promised to be my girlfriend
    She promised to be my life,
    We would be one until the very end
    As boyfriend, girlfriend, man and wife.... more »

  • She Proposed

    She wanted to get married badly
    But, no one proposed to her sadly,
    She had already purchased her wedding dress
    All white, and only to God to confess.... more »

  • She Said That I Was Funny

    She said that I was funny
    I wasn't trying to be,
    Then that one hurtful remark
    Brought me to my knee.... more »

  • She Took A Life

    She took a life by taking a pill
    He bought a gun and a stranger he did kill,
    They said that they both did murder with no reasoning why
    But, only one reflected back and then fell down to cry,... more »

  • She Took He Life

    Why did you end your life
    Were you full of sorrow and strife,
    Was it really that wretched and bad
    Or were you harassed, or maybe sad.... more »

  • She Was Gone

    When she needed help I was always there
    With all my love and my care,
    I never, ever wore a different mask
    When she needed help, all she had to do was to ask.... more »

  • She Was Looking For A Man

    She proclaimed to all that she was looking for a man
    So, I asked her where would that line begin,
    To win her over, I will do the best that I can
    Even if it means me fighting, everyone of those men.... more »

  • She Was Raped

    Being a female was her crime
    She was at the wrong place at the right time,
    That stereotype she had not escaped
    She was raped.... more »

  • She Was The Ocean

    I enjoyed looking at her fingernails
    They reminded me of the breathtaking conch shells,
    She was such a very beautiful girl
    Her teeth were as white as an oyster's pearl.... more »

  • She Was Ugly

    I looked upon her face and I saw a work of art
    As I stared at her every curve and line I could not part,
    Beautiful hair which even out shined the golden sun
    Every beauty contest that she entered, she had won.... more »

  • She Was!

    She was the love that I had sought
    For her I would had gladly fought,
    I knew that she felt the same, I was her flame
    Or, so I had thought.... more »

  • She Will Wake Up

    One day she will wake up
    And I won't be there,
    She will see the untouched pillow
    As she will curiously stare.... more »