• The Fight

    Two dogs were fighting for the very same bone
    Growling and snapping, each dog wanted it for their own,
    Neither dog wanted to share, for each other they had no care,
    They just wanted the victory, and then to be left all alone.... more »

  • The First Knock

    When you hear that knock
    Think first, and then balk,
    Who is that at your front door
    And why are they really there for.... more »

  • The Flag Of The United States

    Proudly, I display and salute the flag of the United States
    Where freedom reigns and justice dictates!
    A flag that was not created for hate or race or bigotry
    But, a flag that was born to the proud, and the true and the free,... more »

  • The Flesh

    Deeds are eternal, but not the flesh;
    Together as one they will never mesh,
    The flesh will rot, and buried underground,
    But, words and achievements will always be found.... more »

  • The Flower's Existence

    He plucks out a dandelion,
    Then he blows out the flower's brains
    Then back on the earth its remnants rains.
    He destroys the flowers enemies,... more »

  • The Fly

    Buzzing and flying about my head
    Oh how I wish that you were dead,
    Pestering me so I cant keep my thought
    Or even the solitude that I had sought,... more »

  • The Funeral Procession

    The funeral procession drove past my house
    I bowed my head and I was quite as a mouse,
    In a solemn prayer I gave to the sadly departed
    As I knew of the sadness and remorse of the fainthearted;... more »

  • The Girl Boxer (Bre)

    She wanted to box
    Even though she is a girl
    A baton she didn't want to twirl
    Now she strikes and blocks.... more »

  • The Glance

    I saw her smile from across the room
    The romance began and my love did bloom
    She then gave me a glance, I wanted to dance
    Underneath the stars and the glow of the moon.... more »

  • The Government Clerk

    The clerk says that they could not marry because they are gay,
    But, if they were murderers or idolaters or pedophiles, then it would be okay,
    She said it is against her Christian belief to bestow on them a wedding permit
    'It is sinful and against her teachings' so, the blessing of her county she will not submit,... more »

  • The Grammar Nazi

    She doesn't goose step when she passes me by
    She never says 'Sieg Heil' when I say 'hi'
    She wears no insignia on her arm or upon her chest
    And nowhere on her, do I see a swastika crest,... more »

  • The Haircut

    They sat me down upon their chair
    Anxiously and impatiently I sat there
    Nervous was I, so I whimpered out a sigh
    But I was ready for them to cut my hair.... more »

  • The Hickie

    Drea came home late wearing a hickie
    A lovers mark left on her neck by the sucking of the skin
    She didn't want anyone to know about that one quickie
    Especially her husband from committing that sin.... more »

  • The House

    I watched the termites chewing on a piece of wood,
    I then remembered, how strong this house once stood

    The paint has peeled away, and the nails have turned to rust,... more »

  • The House Wren

    Have you ever heard the House Wren sing
    To its mate just to satisfy,
    You might say no, but you've seen them take wing
    And to hear it? Well, neither have I.... more »

  • The Human Race

    Look at my hands
    Then look at my face,
    Can you not truly tell
    That I am part of the human race.... more »

  • The Hungry

    In times of stress and worries and memories of a war
    Shouldn't we all be obligated to feed the needy and the poor,
    Let no person starve or go hungry that I solemnly do declare
    We all are brothers and sisters and children of GOD, that I swear.... more »

  • The Jab

    Like a pointing lab
    I will always lead off with my jab,
    Then I'll follow it up with a hook or a right
    As I fight.... more »

  • The Jacket

    I made my son a jacket
    From the old clothes that I once wore
    Some pieces used were from my youth
    And some pieces were what I wore in war... more »

  • The Karen

    Karen, why are you a racist
    I have seen all of your cases,
    Why do hate other ethnic groups so much
    Why is bigotry your true crutch.... more »

  • The Kentucky Hangnail

    Around my neck or upon my wall it will hang
    Knowing I then will be sheltered as the angels had sang
    I will be protected from evil and all that is un-good
    As promised by our savior, when crucified on the dogwood.... more »

  • The Key

    I have gave a piece of my heart one time to many
    I am surprised if in my soul there is left any,
    For my happiness I believed it was always up to some other
    But, with joy, bliss and hopefulness no one did ever smother.... more »

  • The Knock

    There's a knock on my door
    But, I won't answer it,
    Even though I know who it's for
    Them I won't admit.... more »

  • The Laddie

    The laddie, he gave me his permission,
    As courteous and quaint that he could be,
    He said that I could marry his dear mother,
    Then he smiled and he congratulated me.... more »

  • The Land

    The land will give birth to the grass and the trees
    Which in turn will give life to the wind and the breeze,
    The land will be tilled and taught, so it will give birth
    To both the artist, and also the hungry of the earth.... more »