• The Leashed

    The pet is again beaten
    It is mistreated and hurt,
    But, from its owner, it's master
    It does not ever desert.... more »

  • The Little Man

    Little man with your high heel boots on
    As you are walking down the street,
    I wander if people know who you really are
    That daily you might meet or greet.... more »

  • The Lost Sheep

    There was this one lost sheep
    For which no one did ever weep,
    A shepherd and it's flock passed him by
    And the Ram pondered to itself, "why".... more »

  • The Love Of A Woman

    I love the way that a woman walks
    And the way that she flirts when she talks,
    And the way that she breathes when she kisses
    I wish every woman was my Mrs.... more »

  • The Lover

    When a man falls in love he becomes a lover
    Above his woman he puts no other
    And when he closes his eyes, she will materialize
    And never does he want to be with another.... more »

  • The Lying Man

    This is the true story
    About a confused little boy
    Who stood just above five foot tall.
    But his mother called him a man... more »

  • The Lying Tongue

    A lying tongue can't speak to God
    In his presence it is silenced and awed,
    It will not move or speak a lie
    It will remain motionless, with a cowardly sigh.... more »

  • The Man Attested

    There was a man who once attested
    That he would not ever be arrested,
    By any law that is enforced by brutality or force
    Their beliefs he would never support or endorse,... more »

  • The Man With The Fertile Farm

    Jesus said there once was a man who had a fertile farm
    And unto this one person, God commanded no harm,
    His farm produced much and many fine crops
    All from the gifts of God, which were his sunshine and raindrops,... more »

  • The Mask

    You wear a mask upon your face
    So people wont know of your sin and disgrace
    Or of the things that you have said and done
    And of the life you have ended and then again begun.... more »

  • The Mirror

    I look into my mirror
    So I can see who I am,
    But all I see is myself,
    I don't ever see a man.... more »

  • The Misters

    Neither one of them want any misters,
    As that was quoted by both of the sisters,
    But, their mother highly disagrees,
    Every woman needs a man she truly believes.... more »

  • The Moon, My Shadow And Me

    The moon, my shadow and myself makes three
    As we all walk together in the same company,
    At the nighttime we go out as the friends that we are
    Then sometimes we are joined by the fireflies and a star.... more »

  • The Mouse

    Sneaky, quivering little mouse
    I didn't think that you were in my house
    Then I looked and there you were
    With your little pink tail and your gray fur... more »

  • The Next Voice

    The next voice that you hear
    It will not be mine,
    It will be that of the Devine;
    He will be whispering in your ear... more »

  • The Noble Unicorn

    The Unicorn, the most noblest of all beasts
    To which I had said my prayer,
    To which I celebrated with dinners and at feasts
    'Find me a love! ', I said to the mare.... more »

  • The Nurse

    Life for me could have been worse
    If it hadn't been for a nurse,
    Others gave me a prayer, she gave her care
    Because of her I am not in a hearse.... more »

  • The Old Maid

    When she first came into this world
    She immediately became daddy's little girl,
    He then knew from that day that he would not get any rest
    He would always be under pressure to give his daughter the very best.... more »

  • The One That Got Away

    One day I looked and she was gone
    Like the morning dawn,
    I never knew where she had went
    I was not ever given a hint.... more »

  • The Outcome

    Two men will argue and then two men will fight
    Maybe from hatred or stubbornness they disagree
    One then must be wrong and then the other right
    Instead of a mediator they both need a referee,... more »

  • The Pale Horse

    I ran away from the battlefield
    Where all life was led and then killed,
    I looked for survivors and worshipers, there was none
    There was even blood upon the sun.... more »

  • The Paramount

    As idols and sensations they all once were known
    Performing on the stage and singing in the microphone,
    Groupies and paparazzi followed them around the globe
    Pursuing them because of their antics, and also their wardrobe.... more »

  • The Parishioner

    Church bells rang
    Parishioners slowly walked in,
    The Choir then sang
    "Are we not all without sin".... more »

  • The Path Of A Lie

    It is created by jealousy and anger
    And sometimes by a bad deed,
    It is then nourished and formed by deception
    It then becomes a seed.... more »

  • The Person I Am

    I have two ears so I can hear
    To both sides of every story,
    I have two eyes which gives me sight
    To see the evil and also the glory.... more »