• The Path Of A Lie

    It is created by jealousy and anger
    And sometimes by a bad deed,
    It is then nourished and formed by deception
    It then becomes a seed.... more »

  • The Person I Am

    I have two ears so I can hear
    To both sides of every story,
    I have two eyes which gives me sight
    To see the evil and also the glory.... more »

  • The Pet Groomer

    She shampoos and cuts the hair of your pet,
    She loves all animals and she is not a vet,
    She clips their toenails and laughs with her humor,
    She is of course the loving and caring pet groomer.... more »

  • The Photographer

    Oh wonderful, gifted, steady eye;
    Upon my heart and soul you are my spy,
    You take the pictures of GOD's own glory
    He created the masterpiece; you photographed his story.... more »

  • The Pit

    In Hell the Devil he stirs his fiery pit
    The flames are from the fire that he had lit
    He laughs and he smiles as he watches that fire burn
    More fuel from more souls is his only concern,... more »

  • The Pledge

    I pledge my honor to this land
    As I place over my heart, my right hand,
    And I swear my oath to GOD and then to man
    Whatever I can do for freedom, I will and I can.... more »

  • The Poor

    I believe blessed is the poor
    Because they can't give any more,
    When to them someone tries to complain
    They cannot, as they have the same pain.... more »

  • The Poor Man

    The poor man, had died,
    For him a few people had cried,
    He was both thoughtful and kind
    He left no worldly possessions behind;... more »

  • The Prayer Board

    On the prayer board was written your name
    Not for guilt, or for pity or shame,
    But, because my spirit had told me to
    Now God knows just what to do.... more »

  • The Preacher

    The preacher spoke to me about damnation and hell
    And how we all were going there to die in our sins,
    He then told me about Gods losses, and the devil's wins
    And how our evils and wrongdoings we all must expel.... more »

  • The President's Bounty

    As the soldiers laid dying
    As their spouses sat crying
    The president kept lying,
    With a bounty on a soldier's head.... more »

  • The Proposal

    He fell down upon his knee
    His love he then did profess,
    Happily she accepted his surrender plea
    When her heart overwhelmingly said, yes.... more »

  • The Race

    I am so very tired
    I just can't keep up this pace,
    No longer do I feel inspired
    I think I am giving up the race.... more »

  • The Racial Bigot

    They whisper and they gossip when you walk in a room,
    Then they talk about religion and of course societies doom;
    Their hate flows from their mouth like water from a spigot,
    Then you realized who they are, they of course are the bigot.... more »

  • The Refugees

    He paddled his boat unto the new land
    Where he was hoping to find a helping hand,
    But, what he found instead was a foot which pushed him away
    As he heard the screams of mobs shouting, 'do not stay”!... more »

  • The Rich

    The rich they are different from you and me
    From an early age prosperity is all they see,
    They see financial reports while we sing a hymn
    It truly does something to them.... more »

  • The Rose

    In my hand I held the rose
    As I would a woman dear,
    Within my fingers I held it tight
    As I wished it would not disappear.... more »

  • The Sailor

    I am not a man
    Nor am I just a boy
    I am the sailor
    Sailing a different voyage.... more »

  • The Scottish Cow

    They call you a cow
    When you walk down the street
    That doesn't make any sense to me,
    As I have been to a farm once before... more »

  • The Scottish Dance

    I once had myself a Scottish Lassie
    She then became my joy and pride
    Then one-night she gave me Scottish ale
    Then she became my Scottish bride... more »

  • The Sea

    The sea calls for all man
    Though it, many try to deny
    From the calling of the wind
    To the seas salty cry.... more »

  • The Seed

    The wind carried the seed
    Into the air to who knows where
    Across the weeds, floated the seed
    Until to rest on the earth, which laid bare.... more »

  • The Seven Deadly Sins

    The Devil had his unfathomed dignity
    When he stood at God's mighty side,
    He thought of his own importance over all
    Then, there was first born pride.... more »

  • The Sexes

    The female is a very strange creature
    Spoke the puzzled student to his teacher,
    When it comes to attention she is the main feature
    And whenever in a relationship, she wants a preacher.... more »

  • The Shameless Woman

    When she was just a young Miss
    She didn't have a pot into which to piss,
    The clothes that she wore were all hand-me-downs
    That is why now, she smiles and never frowns;... more »