• Thoughts Of Getting Married

    Should I get married, or should I stay bad
    I don't want to give up on all the good things that I have had,
    I drink what I want, and I go wherever I want to eat
    And there's always another woman waiting for me to meet.... more »

  • Three Sons

    There were three sons, Abraham, Muhammad and Paul
    Now these three sons stood very proud and tall,
    These three sons were also each other's brothers
    They had the same father, but birthed by different mothers.... more »

  • Throughout My Youth

    I will love you throughout my youth
    And through the time that I am old and gray
    I will love you and only you,
    And that will be my words on my dying day.... more »

  • Tick Tock Goes The Clock

    It is January15th again today
    I now begin to pray,
    Soon it will be 6: 02 a.m
    And tearfully I will think of him.... more »

  • Tick-Tock

    Man's life is placed in a simple shoebox
    A wallet, a razor, and underwear and socks,
    He doesn't care about being orthodox
    Tick-tock, goes all of his clocks.... more »

  • Time Of The Month

    Suddenly she yells and she curses me
    As though possessed with a demon locked deep inside
    I quickly look for the closest exit as I am ready to flee
    She then screams that her feelings 'are all justified',... more »

  • Time Will Tell

    One day for myself time will tell
    If my endeavors in life will send me to hell
    But until that I moment I hope not to dwell
    As I hope unto my eternity that I will not fail.... more »

  • Timmy The Seal

    Timmy the Seal was a friend of mine
    I'm sorry for I heard He died,
    Up in Alaska He was clubbed to death,
    So I think, I will sit and cry.... more »

  • Tip Of My Nose

    I wear a mask and you do not
    For that right our forefathers had fought,
    I believe in your liberties and also your rights
    I have read them all and have heard them at different sites.... more »

  • Tired Of It All

    I am done with all the fighting
    And all the screaming and reciting
    From your cheating and the denying
    And all of the sins and your lying.... more »

  • Tired Of War

    To GOD we thank him for giving us peace,
    The mothers and the fathers pray it will never cease,
    To enter any war I hope it not to happen ever again,
    Where we lose our children and our young women and men.... more »

  • Tissues

    Everyone they have their issues
    That is why we all carry tissues.
    They are in our visors or in our purse
    Or on a bedroom table ready to disperse.... more »

  • To Be Faithful

    I do not ask you to be faithful,
    Nor do I ask you to be obedient and sincere;
    All that I ask of you is to be honest and modest
    And to me, never bring home any sadness or tear.... more »

  • To Be Known

    To be known,
    Yet to be all alone
    Is there a better way to enjoy a life;
    To be able just to growl... more »

  • To Become A Unicorn

    As mystical as the Unicorn
    In its magic she must now believe,
    Away from a life that she had worn
    Now to greatness she wishes to achieve.... more »

  • To Believe A Lie

    To tell a lie is a sin to us all
    Is that so hard to understand,
    But to believe that lie, it is a sin to GOD,
    And for that you surely will be damned.... more »

  • To Come In The Morning

    He said that he was tired of sadness and sorrow
    So, he hopes and prays that the Lord will come tomorrow,
    With vengeance and justice he wants Jesus to arrive
    He wants the guilty and the lost not to survive,... more »

  • To Dance

    I will not dance at your wedding
    Or at a birthday where we might be heading,
    I will not ever give you a dance
    No matter how you might dress, or prance.... more »

  • To Die All Alone

    She said that I would die all alone
    No one would be there to hear my moan.
    And at the moment that I have died
    There will no one, not one person at my side,... more »

  • To Die Alone

    To Die Alone

    Sometimes I sit and wander,
    While other times I walk and ponder... more »

  • To Die In Vain

    When they lie me in my grave
    Will I had done a lot of living
    Or will the people just look and say
    That I had done a lot of grieving.... more »

  • To Divorce Her

    I spent fifty plus dollars for our first date
    For the woman who would later be my wife, my mate,
    Then I spent a few more dollars for her here and there
    I even paid for her wedding dress, and her airfare... more »

  • To Each His Own

    The honest man will walk with a crowd
    Where a guilty man he will walk alone
    He walks in pity and he is never proud
    But then as they say, to each their own.... more »

  • To End Your Life

    Would you give a bullet to your executioner
    Even though you are their petitioner,
    Would you give them the authority to complete that selfless act
    Well! when you voted for them, you signed that contract.... more »

  • To Fly

    I watch the birds as they fly in the sky
    On a peaceful and sunny day
    I close my eyes and I let out a sigh
    How I wish on a wing with them I could stay.... more »