• Today My Mom Died

    It was a year ago today
    That my Mom had passed away,
    It is the day that my Mother died
    It was the day that I cried.... more »

  • Today, At Church

    I finally ended my soulful search
    I found myself a church,
    From my face I assuredly removed my smirch
    Today, at the Church.... more »

  • Tonight

    I want us to go to bed together
    But, not to sleep
    I want us to share each other desires
    But, not to reap... more »

  • Tonight When I Sleep

    Tonight when I sleep I will sleep with joy and happiness
    I will not need protection from pills or even that of a lovely prayer
    Sleep will come naturally, and peace I will find it nonetheless
    I have released my demons, and I will not be tortured with a nightmare.... more »

  • Tonya

    Oh Tonya, what must I say
    Must I get down on my knees to pray,
    Or would you rather see be beg
    So, that I can touch your firm leg,... more »

  • Tools

    A hammer was created to help build
    Construction and finished products it did yield,
    But, sometimes it has been used deliberately to kill
    But, the latter was not it's design or will.... more »

  • Torment

    If my past deeds were to send me to hell
    Into a fiery pit that I would forever dwell
    Then tormented by devils forever more
    I wonder what punishment for me would be in store,... more »

  • Touch Of Rain

    She wasn’t like the touch of rain
    That gently falls upon the skin
    That makes one happy and makes one grin
    She instead was like the touch of pain.... more »

  • Traitor

    I once fed a starving dog
    It became my friend for life
    I gave a homeless man money for food
    He then robbed me with his knife... more »

  • Transgender Soldiers

    Soldiers are the patriots of our country
    Unless of course they are gay or a transgender,
    Then they don't stand for the brave or the free
    And against foes, they will all runaway or surrender.... more »

  • Treat Your Daughter(S) Well

    Men, treat your daughter(s) the way you treat their mother
    Show them that there is no other,
    Always show them love, and compassion and care
    Then every night, you will then be in their thanks and prayer,... more »

  • Treated Like Broken Glass

    As a fairy tale once told
    I truly treated her like gold,
    All she had to do was only ask
    And not wear a deceptive mask.... more »

  • Trees

    Trees, please me
    To sit and watch them grow
    As from a seed,
    They do breed,... more »

  • True Power

    Some say that power resides
    In the man who controls the tides,
    He will not runaway and/ or cower
    He is the man with all the power.... more »

  • Trumped

    I have never slapped a married woman on her rump
    Though I've made remarks about a female when she'd walk,
    But, I never blamed it on others in locker room talk
    But, then of course I am not a Trump.... more »

  • Trust

    As Man looks into this world of ours
    And Man try's to understand what is a must
    Is it our looks or is it or smarts, as he thinks
    Or is it only our honor, and also our trust.... more »

  • Trusting

    I once trusted you with my all
    I knew that you would never let me fall,
    Whatever you said or did, I did believe
    Then that spider's web began to weave.... more »

  • Trying To Create Beauty

    I gazed upon it in both splendor and awe,
    Knowing that GOD didn't create what I just saw,
    The beauty was created by either a woman or a man,
    It proved what GOD didn't create; a woman or a man can.... more »

  • Tulips In Bloom

    When the tulips are in bloom
    My mom is in the room,
    And when I smell their fragrant scent
    I know my mom is heaven sent.... more »

  • Turning Left

    My parents had always taught me
    The difference between wrong and right
    They also sat down and also told me
    To always to keep GOD in my sight,... more »

  • Turning Of The Screw

    As I walked down a lonely street
    With a bit of winter still fresh in the air
    Strange faces I suddenly do greet
    Then I remembered about someone for whom I did care,... more »

  • Turtle Laughed

    In the eyes of a fly I am an immortal
    I live for years and it lives for just a day
    I then kill it, and I give a slight chortle
    It should have been faster and flew away,... more »

  • Two Graves

    I had hated her with all of my might
    When I thought of her, my lip I would bite,
    I wanted to exact a punishment for her doing me wrong
    Which made me weak, and her happy and strong.... more »

  • Two Sides To Every Story

    There are two sides to every story
    Not just the side of them or theirs,
    So never judge or hold a grudge
    And when you listen, please listen with care.... more »

  • Two Wolves

    Two wolves battle inside of us all
    Which one is winning we do the call,
    The old man told this story to his great grandson
    And only we will know which one will have won.... more »