• Tulips In Bloom

    When the tulips are in bloom
    My mom is in the room,
    And when I smell their fragrant scent
    I know my mom is heaven sent.... more »

  • Turning Left

    My parents had always taught me
    The difference between wrong and right
    They also sat down and also told me
    To always to keep GOD in my sight,... more »

  • Turning Of The Screw

    As I walked down a lonely street
    With a bit of winter still fresh in the air
    Strange faces I suddenly do greet
    Then I remembered about someone for whom I did care,... more »

  • Turtle Laughed

    In the eyes of a fly I am an immortal
    I live for years and it lives for just a day
    I then kill it, and I give a slight chortle
    It should have been faster and flew away,... more »

  • Two Graves

    I had hated her with all of my might
    When I thought of her, my lip I would bite,
    I wanted to exact a punishment for her doing me wrong
    Which made me weak, and her happy and strong.... more »

  • Two Sides To Every Story

    There are two sides to every story
    Not just the side of them or theirs,
    So never judge or hold a grudge
    And when you listen, please listen with care.... more »

  • Two Wolves

    Two wolves battle inside of us all
    Which one is winning we do the call,
    The old man told this story to his great grandson
    And only we will know which one will have won.... more »

  • Tyke

    When I was just a tyke,
    I would never walk I would hike,
    And if I needed to travel far,
    I wasn't taken in a car.... more »

  • Unannounced

    On my sentiments she quickly pounced
    When I showed up at her door unannounced,
    Even though someone else had knocked before
    And she had happily allowed them in her front door.... more »

  • Uncaring Politicians

    Our forefathers once clasped their hands in a prayer
    When they prayed to God for sickness, he was there,
    But, now our politicians, who none act like Christians
    Want us to pray to them for our health and care.... more »

  • Uncle Sam

    They say that he is my uncle,
    I say that he is not and it's a scam
    As I have never seen him at our family reunions,
    This man that they all call Sam;... more »

  • Under 21

    I can work in a coal mine or a factory
    Furnaces I can feed and stoke,
    I will breathe in their deadly fumes
    But, I am still to young to smoke.... more »

  • Under The Mistletoe

    Standing beneath the mistletoe
    Depressed and by myself,
    Then far away I hear a, "Ho Ho Ho"
    I wish that I was that happy elf.... more »

  • Under The Moon

    Tonight I am outside and the moon she watches;
    I am alone and she sends a smile down to me,
    She does not like it that I am all alone,
    She cries, as she says loneliness is not my destiny.... more »

  • Unhappy Valentine's Day

    It is a day and time for lovers;
    When a husband and wife rekindle their love,
    With gifts and sweets they give to each other;
    Showing each other the love they are created of.... more »

  • Union

    I am not one, but I am many
    If you look about me, I am many more
    I am strong, I am not weak because I am plenty
    And when I speak; you can hear me roar,... more »

  • Union Made

    If the workers are union paid
    Then I will buy what's union made,
    Proudly I will always read that banner
    And I will respect it in every manner.... more »

  • Unregretful

    Be you a friend or even a stranger
    Around me there is no danger,
    I don't care from where you came
    In me, you'll never see any shame.... more »

  • Until Death

    Until Death till we part
    From each other we wont depart
    As we will share the same heart
    And in the end we will again start.... more »

  • Until Death Do We Part

    I spoke to my ex-wife the other night
    I felt so sorry for her sadness and blight,
    She talked to me in such a timid voice
    I felt so sorry for her, I had no choice.... more »

  • Untraveled

    As my world had slowly unraveled,
    From taking a road that was untraveled,
    Narrow up ahead was the way
    I had only my belief and I did pray,... more »

  • Upon The Stage

    We are told to act our age
    When we walk upon the stage
    Then we recite our lines then, we act
    We become someone else to the abstract... more »

  • Us Together

    I don't want death to bring us together
    I want that motive to be life,
    I want her to be my children's mother
    But, first to be my wife.... more »

  • Us Two

    You still wear my clothes
    You still smell me with your nose,
    I'm not there, just a remembrance in the air
    As you watch my movies and my shows.... more »

  • Using The Toilet

    If someone is at my home and they need to piss
    Whether they are a mister or a miss,
    Maybe it's my father or my mother or my brother or sis
    To allow them to use my toilet, I will not ever dismiss.... more »