• Valentine

    I wish to thank you O' Valentine
    You are the happiest time of mine
    Love and happiness is now in the air
    Because of you, and your presence there,... more »

  • Valley Of Death

    As someday I will head towards the valley of death
    I will not head there with any sorrow or regret
    I will head there with a joyful and a peaceful soul
    While knowing that in my life caring did flow.... more »

  • Valley Of Red

    The Valley of red
    Was once my Valley of green
    Before, the killings took place,
    No longer do birds fly overhead... more »

  • Vengeance

    Vengeance is mine so said the Lord,
    I will destroy the wicked with my sword
    Judging and judgement will be mine alone
    As what I reap, will first had been sewn.... more »

  • Victoria And Her Secrets

    Victoria has a secret
    I have one as well,
    Her secret I already know about
    And my secret, I am about ready to tell.... more »

  • Victory

    Victory is ours!
    Said one crow to the other,
    As they soared in the sky above.
    For below them they had spied... more »

  • Video Games

    Let us all go outside
    Our bicycles we can ride,
    Maybe take them to the park
    And stay and play until dark.... more »

  • Violent Rage

    I have been in a violent rage since the day that I was born
    First it began when from my mother that I was violently torn
    And then from that day that loss of innocence I still do mourn
    I am truly the innocent, and at the world I do scorn.... more »

  • Visit To My Doctor

    I walked into the Doctor's office and it is cold
    Or, is it just me because I am getting old,
    The room is large, but the patients are sparse
    I guess for me, it is a laughable waiting farce.... more »

  • Visited Scotland

    The coldest winter that ever touched my hand,
    Was the summer that I arrived in Scotland.

    The only time that my manhood ever did wilt,... more »

  • Visiting America

    Come to America if you are white
    Be greeted with excitement and delight,
    Come and visit our great land
    Come see Lady Liberty with the torch in her hand.... more »

  • Voice In The Fog

    The first time that I met you, I loved you
    Even though I never saw your face
    Your voice was what I heard it was your debut
    And that was the day that I began my chase,... more »

  • Voices I Hear

    Voices I hear
    And they are not dear,
    They bring me sadness and no cheer
    They even bring me fear.... more »

  • Voted For Trump

    I had a hardworking friend who lived in a dump
    If you weren't a Republican you were a stupid chump,
    So, he and others like him all voted for trump.... more »

  • Voting For The Devil

    If the Devil ran for President
    He would surely get my vote,
    That is of course if he were a Republican
    And if all of our enemies he would smote.... more »

  • Vow

    I made myself a solemn promise
    That was committed to a prescribed role
    It was a calling and a course of action
    I was going to commit my word and then my soul.... more »

  • Vultures

    Doves visit people when they are alive
    But, when there is death the vultures will arrive,
    They take this and they want that without a moan
    They pick and they peck, until there is only bone.... more »

  • Waiting For A Thank You

    Do not ever expect a thank you
    When you do a favor for a friend,
    Do not seek their gratitude as a revenue
    If you do so, then do not ever borrow or lend.... more »

  • Wake - Up

    Like a refreshing sip from a coffee cup
    You got to accept reality and wake up,
    I don’t want to hug you in a tight embrace
    I just want to stop and slap you on the face,... more »

  • Wake Me!

    Wake me when the war is over
    Then tell me who won the fight,
    “ hoorah ” for us if we have won,
    and if we lost, then GOD wasn't on our side.... more »

  • Walk Away

    Before a sin I'm about to commit
    I will think with both my wisdom and wit,
    Before a forgiveness that I will need to pray
    I would just rather, just walk away.... more »

  • Walk Of Shame

    I think back now of the shame and disgust
    Sadly all she knew was how to sin and lust
    The mantle of woman-hood she happily did bust
    Knowing not of devoutness nor not knowing of trust.... more »

  • Walking In My Footsteps

    You're walking in my footsteps
    From the tracks
    That I have left.
    You're walking in my footsteps... more »

  • Walking In Peace (Heather Heyer)

    She did not fire a gun
    Instead, she marched in peace,
    From bigotry she would not run
    Her life then did cease.... more »

  • Walking On A Cloud

    He is my older brother,
    Who just walked through heaven's door,
    Today I said goodby to him,
    Now I wonder, will I ever see him anymore.... more »