• Walking Through Lafayette Cemetery (I Now Lay Dead)

    No matter what I have said
    Or even what I have done,
    No matter the victories that I have won;
    I now lay dead.... more »

  • Wandering Eyes

    When the eyes begin to wander
    The mind will start to deceive
    The heart will forget to listen
    And the soul will know not what to believe.... more »

  • Wanting Gigi's Ass

    Hello my sexy Lass,
    I want to do you doggy-style in your ass,
    Upon my bed, or on the green, green grass
    Where men before were not allowed to trespass.... more »

  • Wanting Wine

    Please bring me wine in a bottle
    I want to drink it until I am more like Aristotle,
    Instead of being ignorant, I want to be a philosopher
    Maybe then I can forget about my worries, and her.... more »

  • War

    I would yield, to the shield
    If a sword I did wield,
    Because I will not kill, for the thrill
    An unarmed man upon any battlefield.... more »

  • Warning You

    Did you not see me waving at you
    That day when you were walking by
    You quickly walked away and ignored me
    And you didn't even say goodbye... more »

  • Warrior, He

    Happy is the warrior he
    When he journeys in the world of men
    To provide for is family
    And no one else, but them.... more »

  • Washing Off

    When I come upon bullies who enjoy to intimidate
    Insults spitting from their mouths like a contagious cough,
    I see and hear all of their germs in the form of anger and hate
    So, I just turn my head, and I wipe all of their words off.... more »

  • Wasting Youth

    Sow your oats when you are young
    When that taste is still upon your tongue,
    Don't wait on time and controllable forces
    Soon those oats are eaten by wild horses.... more »

  • Watching The River Flow

    While Sun shines bright
    And the Moon is full aglow
    That is the time
    To sit and watch the river flow.... more »

  • Watching The Show

    You curse and you swear and you also assault,
    But, you blame it on others because it is never your fault.

    You lied and you cheated and you also stole,... more »

  • We All Are Brothers

    We all are brothers from a clan
    We all are siblings every woman and man,
    In this world are we not all just one family
    Don’t we all want to be loved and also to be free.... more »

  • We All Die

    I will not plant a flower because I know that it will die
    I will not have another relationship because I hate to say goodbye,
    Though the nature of man is love, and with him beauty to surround 
    But, for me to anyone or anything never again will I ever be bound.... more »

  • We All Hear A Merry Christmas

    We all hear a 'Merry Christmas! '
    During this time of the year once again,
    As we all pray for peace on earth
    To replace all of our evil deeds and sin.... more »

  • We Are

    We are just like each other
    Even though we share not the same father or mother,
    In this life we have taken the very same hike
    So, as I think, we are so much alike.... more »

  • We Are A Christian Country

    We are a Christian country
    But, we all must own guns,
    Then we teach hatred to all of our brothers and sons.... more »

  • We Are Americans

    We were once known as liberators
    From the four corners of the world,
    We have destroyed tyrants and dictators
    As our flag we proudly unfurled.... more »

  • We Are Human

    They say that life is a bitter pill
    That we all must take after every meal
    But sometimes that pill is so hard to swallow
    As the road up ahead, it is hard to follow,... more »

  • We Are Kin

    Though we have different colored skin
    We are both kin,
    Though we have different colored eyes
    We both see the same truths and lies.... more »

  • We Are Retired

    Al posts trivia on the internet
    Mike has become somewhat lazy and heavyset,
    Bill takes another puff off his vapor cigarette
    As for going to work, they no longer fret.... more »

  • We Are Scottish

    The men they proudly wore their philibegs
    Showing off their white and hairy legs
    From the highlands they came and they did trot
    I wonder when they piss, do they stand or do they squat.... more »

  • We Are What We Are

    A cat might growl and think it is a dog
    Then it might bark at people that are walking by,
    A sparrow may believe that it is an eagle
    While it is sailing up high above the earth in the sky,... more »

  • We Did Meet

    Whether it was because of joy or regret
    There is a reason why you and I first met,
    There was a sense why you were there
    And there was a propriety why I did stare.... more »

  • We Don't Care

    We don't care about a shooting
    Until we know someone who has been shot,
    We don't care about the poor or the hungry
    Until the Bible we are taught.... more »

  • We The People

    We are the people, we are one
    Because of us, tyranny is gone
    We are the power, we are the strength
    Justice for all we'll go the full-length... more »