• When God Was Man

    Once on the earth there was only Adam
    It was a long time before he had his madam,
    The creatures of the world he would daily greet;
    As he walked alone in his bare feet.... more »

  • When I Am Gone

    Don't miss me to much when I am gone
    Please remember to always carry on,
    Don't let tears and loneliness be your fate
    Remember I was so very happy to have you as my mate.... more »

  • When I Am In Japan

    When I go back to Japan, I will become Japanese
    I will become part of that country when I go there overseas,
    No longer will I be a tourist when at that land I have arrived
    I will then be known as her native, my soul will then be revived,... more »

  • When I Am Judged

    We curse because our parents did
    We drink alcohol because most adults do,
    Our friends smoked, so we did to
    Our backbone and common sense we all hid.... more »

  • When I Am Laid Out

    When I am dead and they lie me out to view
    I wish not to be laid out in a suit and a tie,
    That is not the way that I want to have my final adieu
    So, I hope they do not dress me up after I die.... more »

  • When I Die

    When I die I want to go to heaven
    I don't want to end up in hell,
    I want to live my life the best as I can
    And I do as what my bible does tell.... more »

  • When I Drift Off

    When I drift off
    It will be like a cough,
    To be expelled in the air
    No longer will I be there.... more »

  • When I Fell In Love (Jessica)

    I never fell in love with her looks
    Or the way that she cooks,
    I never fell in love with her eyes
    Even though they soothe an memorize.... more »

  • When I First Said Hello

    When I first saw you,
    You did intrigue,
    I wanted to pursue
    But, you were out of my league.... more »

  • When I Leave

    When my arm is cold and numb
    And laid to its final rest,
    What would be the last thought they would have
    If you could remember or relive one last quest.... more »

  • When I Look

    When I look into a mirror
    I see hopes and I see dreams
    My imagination becomes clearer
    Sometimes I see my fathers genes.... more »

  • When I Look Back

    When I look back at my years
    I want to look back with joy and cheers,
    With laughter and also smiles
    Not with judgments and trials;... more »

  • When I Meet God

    When I meet my creator
    I will be Shakespeare in the theater,
    I will recite my new rhymes with a quote
    Of my life and its tragedy that I have wrote.... more »

  • When I Played War

    I once used a stick as my sword,
    And the gun I used it was my finger,
    Those memories in my mind they still linger,
    In my youth, when I played war.... more »

  • When I Retire

    When I retire I am going to learn to play the guitar
    Then across the country I will drive in my car,
    On my house there is so much work that has to be done
    But, now I won't see it as labor, but only as fun.... more »

  • When I Say A Prayer

    On my knees I will say a prayer;
    To show my love and that I truly care,
    All prayers they say are answered by God
    So, I say a prayer and then I give a nod.... more »

  • When I Settle Down

    Maybe when I get older I will settle down
    Then I will wear life with a slowness and a frown,
    Maybe then I will find an old woman to be at my side
    Then rocking in our chairs, will be our only exciting ride.... more »

  • When I Was A Boy

    My parents bought me a toy,
    Just to keep my hands and my mind amused,
    That way I would never get hurt or bruised;... more »

  • When I Was A Young Boy

    When I was a young boy I was mean;
    My mom said that I was a wrecking machine,
    I broke windows and I also started fires
    But, of course that was added unto my past priors,... more »

  • When I Was In Heaven

    I looked for you in heaven when I was there
    I looked for your green eyes, and blonde hair,
    Then I looked for the shape of your tiny face
    I looked and searched for you in every place.... more »

  • When I Was Young

    When I was a young I was impressionable
    I believed everything to me that was told
    But then suddenly in miracles I stopped believing
    That was the day that I grew old.... more »

  • When Jesus Comes

    As many await for Jesus's second coming
    The sinful and the evil will begin running,
    The bigots and the racists will be the first to fear
    And the white supremacists, will all shed a tear.... more »

  • When The Saints Come Calling

    When the Saints come calling
    The devil will be falling,
    And we will stand-up one and all
    When the Saints, call and call.... more »

  • When To Pray

    Some men will get down upon their knees,
    And say whatever their mind might please,
    While other men will sit upon their chair,
    While looking and thinking to say a prayer.... more »

  • When We Die

    Where will we go when we die
    Will we be raised up to God into the sky,
    Upon the clouds we will float never to weep
    Unto this promise; to some, God will always keep,... more »