• Bacon

    I love to hear you sizzle while I watch you fry
    With your sweet aroma filling up the room
    I close my eyes and my lips are dry
    From the anticipation that to me does loom.... more »

  • Baptized In The Ohio River

    I was baptized in the Ohio river
    When I stood though, my feet got stuck in its soft mud
    My soul to God they said they would now deliver
    The last words that I spoke were, 'glub', 'glub'.... more »

  • Barren Land

    As I walked upon a barren land
    I saw pain and destruction from man's hand
    What once was alive, no longer did thrive
    And what once had stood no longer did stand.... more »

  • Barricades Around Me

    I had installed a chain linked fence
    To keep people and animals out of my yard,
    Then they became curious and also tense
    Because, crossing my lawn wasn't that hard.... more »

  • Be A Boxer Then

    If you need others to play a sport
    If you need others as a cohort,
    Then please play football, baseball or basketball
    They will help and support you with a win or a fall,... more »

  • Be Not Proud

    Oh death; be not proud,
    Oh grave, be not shallow,
    For out reaching your darkened hand;
    And refusing a boy to become a man.... more »

  • Be Quite

    I will not give any person the glory
    When hearing sadness that was just told
    Most likely it is a fairy tale and not a story
    Trying to sell me that tale, it can't be sold.... more »

  • Be Strong

    I cannot count the tears
    Nor can I count the hate
    Though I can only count
    The men that hate didi take.... more »

  • Beaten And Poor

    If you had none and I had many
    I still would not give you a single penny,
    This is more than just a subtle hint
    I will not ever give you another red cent.... more »

  • Beautiful Woman

    With her legs and breast she does impress
    Then she emphasizes it all with a sexy dress,
    She wears blush and then she highlights her lips
    And then she strips.... more »

  • Because Of Sex

    If it wasn't because of sex
    I wouldn't have an ex,
    I wouldn't be paying alimony
    And eating cheese and all that baloney.... more »

  • Because Of You

    If I don't ever trust again,
    It will be because of you,
    And if I stay angry more than I want,
    That too, will be because of you.... more »

  • Becoming A Man

    The father told his son when he becomes a man
    To always be the very best that he truly can,
    Becoming a man pertains to wisdom and not of age
    Don't enter it with simplicity and never with a gauge,... more »

  • Becoming A Ronin

    I have no wife or girlfriend to be my master,
    I don't go to church, so I don't listen to any preacher or pastor,
    Soon when I retire from my job I will then become masterless
    Not listening or taking orders from others, I will be confused, I must confess;... more »

  • Bedroom Window

    I wish only to hold you forever,
    And never would I let you go,
    That is why I keep my doors opened,
    And also my bedroom window;... more »

  • Before All

    Before the heavens were created
    Before there was that one first thought,
    Did GOD waited and then debated
    To bring fourth what he had wrought.... more »

  • Before I Die

    Before I die
    I will not cry,
    Because a great life I did live.
    I was always there... more »

  • Before I Go To Bed

    I want to kiss you before we go to bed at night
    I want to then kiss you when we wake up in the morning
    And between those kisses, I want wishes and dreams and delight
    For our excitement and need there will be no pleading or warning... more »

  • Before Marriage

    Before she put on that wedding dress
    Before my love she did possess,
    And before she walked down the wedding isle
    With her dreams and hopes, and her smile.... more »

  • Before The Ball Drops

    I am no richer than what I was
    And I did not find my true love,
    The book that I spoke about I did not write
    And of course I did not ever go on a diet.... more »

  • Before You Were A Man

    Before you were a man
    Before you said I can,
    You were just a boy.
    Before you were a boy... more »

  • Behind Your Back

    Be with someone who loves you loudly
    No matter what you have been told,
    Be with someone who loves you proudly
    Love is also for the bold.... more »

  • Being A Good Dude

    I hate sounding berating and crude
    But, it sucks being a good dude,
    Especially in a generation where girls don't commit
    And for your help they don't ever appreciate it.... more »

  • Being Alone

    As I walk within my home
    Room to room I walk alone
    Like a nomad I do roam
    And everywhere I go I am known.... more »

  • Being An Apologist

    She told me that she studied psychology,
    And that she was a psychologist,
    I told her that I studied religion and philosophy
    As my belief I informed her, I am an apologist.... more »