• Workers Of America

    Workers of America shout long and loud
    As we work together hard and proud
    We are the ones that built this great country of ours
    From the strain on our backs and our blisters and scars... more »

  • World

    World, Oh World won't you worry about me
    As I think my time has become my destiny
    I wished to be shown kindness and sympathy
    World, oh World won't you think about me.... more »

  • Worried About Getting Married

    When her mother got married she wore a white gown
    And not to be known, she got married in another town,
    Now her daughter is getting married, but she will be wearing a dress
    As she is pregnant and confused, and also depressed.... more »

  • Worry About Me

    World, Oh World wont you worry about me
    As I think my time has became my destiny
    I wished to be shown kindness and sympathy
    World, oh World wont you think about me.... more »

  • Worth Dying For

    Though you might not like who I am
    You might even hate me to the core
    But one thing I can tell you my brothers
    Jesus said that I, was worth dying for.... more »

  • Worth It

    In life you will realize
    Either with a smile or tears in your eyes,
    Every person that you will greet
    There was a role for you both to meet.... more »

  • Would You Cry

    Would you cry.
    If I should die,
    Or would you just give a weep.
    These are things,... more »

  • Writing

    I rubbed the sleepiness out of my eyes
    I finally typed the last word on the page
    My manuscript is finished the work is done
    That ends’ part one of my writing stage... more »

  • Yearning

    My soul is on fire and it is burning
    Retribution my conscience is yearning,
    Justice and compensation is not what I seek
    Revenge; it is what makes a coward weak,... more »

  • Years Do Come

    As the years do come
    And the years will go
    And the years keep rushing on by.
    Will you have done for me,... more »

  • Years From Now

    As I see myself many years from now
    I am relaxed and happy as I am retired
    No longer tied to work or chained to a plow
    Living my life and situation that I have long desired,... more »

  • Yellow Lives Matter

    Yellow lives matter I do believe
    As I now look upon my yard,
    When I inhale nature I sneeze, then I breathe;
    Because none of God's plants here are barred.... more »

  • You Are Dead

    When you were living how did you live
    Did you help others and did you give,
    And when others needed compassion and care
    Please tell me, were you ever there.... more »

  • You Are My Friend

    If a friend needs a dollar
    Just give me a holler,
    If they need to pay their rent
    It will be sent.... more »

  • You Are My Light

    If you need a shoulder to lean on,
    Here's mine,
    Or tears, for you to cry
    Or if you need a smile... more »

  • You Don't Deserve My Love

    You don't deserve my love
    Those words to me she did speak
    Then at that moment I just gave up
    As she made my soul and heart feel weak,... more »

  • You Don't Remember Me

    I remember you, but you don't remember me
    You drank coffee, and I drank tea,
    You liked your drink with sugar and I did not
    Your drink was always warm, while mine was very hot.... more »

  • You Gave Me. Keep A Kiss

    You gave me a kiss
    But, I thought it wasn't earned,
    So, you I spurned.... more »

  • You Graduated

    I am happy for your cheer
    I am joyous for my tear,
    Your future has now been activated
    Today, you have graduated.... more »

  • You Hated Me (Then And Now)

    I never raped or murdered, or committed any type of theft,
    "Not my land! " you all screamed, and I should have left.

    You hated me and then you viciously spat upon my face,... more »

  • You Have Done It Before

    You have done it before
    So you have done it again
    With your ways and your sin.
    Too you this it is not new... more »

  • You Hid

    I collected my thoughts, my few possessions
    Inside my soul, my suitcase,
    From no one should there be fundamental questions
    I am happy, look at my face.... more »

  • You Never Truly Boxed, My Son

    If you have never stepped into a boxing ring
    Or laced on a pair of leather gloves,
    And if you have never waited for the bell to sing
    Or walked through the crowds, pushes and the shoves.... more »

  • You Once Cared

    You once truly cared about me
    But, now you don't,
    You use to worry about me
    But, now you won't.... more »

  • You Should Have Known Me Then

    You should've known me when I was wild
    Not now since I am calm and mild,
    Then I would have always picked a fight
    Whether I be wrong, or right.... more »