Randy McClave Quotes

If it weren't because of dirty cops, dirty judges and dirty politicians. We would live in a clean country.
The Bible and History
Yesterday it is gone, that is where we store our sorrows. Tomorrow will never arrive, that is where we store our dreams. Today is all that we are guaranteed
To all the people that waited for tomorrow
1. Life is short and sweet, so travel. 2. Opportunity will knock at your door once maybe twice, don't wait for the third knock. 3. If you don't answer the phone, they will stop calling you. 4. If you say 'no' once or twice don't expect a third request. 5. Being silent is the same as saying 'no' 'Yesterday has come and gone, we can't redo it or relive it, tomorrow will always be tomorrow, some of us won't be here to greet it. Today, is all that we are promised! ' Randy L. McClave
My belief
God gave us two hands to either aid or to destroy. Then he gave us freewill.
God and Man
In the end we will all be remembered by our deeds, either by who we helped or by who we ignored.