My Name Randy gots me a place in the south, Betty-jo she be the wife. two young-uns Billy and Jimmy.
Hunts and fish love out doors. That all.


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R.I.P. Lula Brown

Lula was quite purty she dun sum maudlin for sears catalogue.
Live down the road a piece wit yealla her ole coon dog.
She had a hankerin to do sum warshin down by the ole crick.
Had ta pee pulled her britches down dat's when ole yella took a lick.... more »


My wife bought sum of that thar flypaper she was a hankerin to ketch them flies.
I came down stars last nite fixin to get a drink, that thar thing hit me smack dab betwixt the eyes.
I thought the ole grim reaper was fixin ta take me home.
I stumbled and rolled round the floor, tryin to retch the phone.... more »

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