• Escape Key

    candy apple of my eye she
    drops her veils
    eye of reciprocity
    am so moved accordingly... more »

  • Finger Trips

    finger tips
    massage caress
    nips... more »

  • Folding

    Your poet kisses
    long, full lung whispers
    warmest of wondrous
    unimagined wishes... more »

  • Fools' Gold

    loaded snake-oil scale disparity

    epitome of idiocy in the making ... more »

  • Forever Or For Now

    Forever Or For Now

    It was ever the irony ... more »

  • Free Love

    Some may say that
    poetry should be free

    Yet in my exorbitant... more »

  • Fruit Of The Tree

    And there is this moment
    of thousand petaled moments
    brilliantly veiled obsidian sights... more »

  • Garden

    We planted a gemmed garden
    without regard for season
    opiate orchid perfume lace
    marble pomegranate peacock grace... more »

  • Half-Life

    less than three months
    and she's all-ready
    asking me... more »

  • Hotel


    I want a hotel
    in the middle... more »

  • Hourglass


    Of sinew sear shearing... more »

  • Hummingbird

    Karen is painting daisy petals
    pollennate pigment's precious metals
    daring pairing ballet turnings
    aerial-island hub-hop flarings ... more »

  • Hurricane's Eye

    We are on the lake
    middle of no where

    embracing abandon... more »

  • Illumination

    Reason perfected is nonsense
    Name of God ineffable
    The secret of life
    that kills on sight:... more »

  • Immortalize

    So how shall we immortalize?
    I ask her with this face
    School-boy gleam giddy... more »

  • Ineffables

    utter nothing

    save this moment's
    warming wanton... more »

  • Jewels

    I have small jewels for you

    twinkling daylight sight
    magnificent retention... more »

  • Jewels Too

    She is Red
    Platinum aureate lighting
    Aquamarine her subtle scheme
    Grandiosity belie betraying... more »

  • Jumping Rope

    We are jumping rope together
    we are jumping rope together
    unwinding naughty knots of tether
    we are jumping rope together... more »

  • Lady Lvck

    Lady Luck licks
    her loosened, libidinous lips
    lime and gratuitously-
    fortuitously gripping... more »

  • Language


    The language is leading me... more »

  • Luminosity

    And you as High Park cherry blossoms
    Barolo ripe burst filling fullest light bloom
    summer confetti glitter smooching to shower
    pathways pout parched arching 'luminate tune ... more »

  • Lunas

    Drawing the dreams
    of a hundred suitors
    stroking her silver bow
    diaphanous, duplicitous... more »

  • Menno Krant's Cat

    Mister Menno is playing
    With a polydactyl cat
    They both the rarest of breeds
    Are do such without trying... more »

  • Menno Krant's Cuttings

    I have witnessed a host of emulators
    Sycophantic emphatic fanatics
    Invariably they'd arrive ever so early
    For your show openings at the Pteros Gallery... more »