Independant writer and poet originally from Delhi, now in France.

These poems are a selection of years of writing. They are all under strict copyright. If you want to use any material in the poems for publication, teaching, scolarship or reference they MUST be credited. No commercial usage is permitted. Copying, scraping or plagiarising is not appreciated. Poems that appear in print for anthologies or textual use need written permission. Thank you.


Rani Turton Poems

You'll Be My Knight In Shining Armour

You'll be my knight in shining armour
Shining so bright I can hardly see
The sunlight because of thee... more »

A Mad Bird Was I

I walked down that lonely road
That sinuous, torturous bend
You know how I hated
The cold, the distance, my thoughts.... more »

Draw The Blinds, Time

Draw the blinds, Time
Its time enough and enough
Time to grieve: I do not want
The sun to weighten closed lids;... more »

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Comments about Rani Turton

p.a. noushad 04 Apr 2009 01:35
my soul gets bliss on your verses.
Sílvia Oliveira 29 Dec 2008 01:18
Dear Rani Turton, Plath´s poems are so dense to me... maybe because I´m her namesake and might sometimes carry similar feelings of sadness and desperation...Well, as to your poems, they´re excellent! Congrats from Brazil, Yours in Poetry, Sílvia Oliveira