• * A New Day Has Begun

    I have walked, walked until daylight seemed night.
    The long tunnel of darkness drove the breath
    From my body; soft light from celestial bodies
    Did not harm these eyes, only my feet were sore.... more »

  • * His Voice

    His voice reminds me of distant things, far removed
    From me and my life. His voice reminds me

    Of distant alleys, of rain hitting dry soil... more »

  • * How Do These Feelings Matter?

    This heart has no reason to regret you;
    Why should it have any reason at all:
    These years have passed as in a dream
    Summer, winter, fall.... more »

  • * My Heart's Empty Spaces

    I have looked for you in many strange places:
    Highways, subways, and in my heart's empty spaces.
    By brightlight, flickering light, by rain and sun.
    I waited. That is when this quest had begun.... more »

  • * Not Anguish

    Frozen hearts in concrete cities
    Abound today. Of little importance it is
    If one is alone. It is not anguish
    That speaks thus: It is not anguish which... more »

  • * Paper Walls

    I wrote about the wild winter wind
    As it stung the flesh and caused tears to fall;
    I wrote about the blazing sun, solitude
    And melancholy, the soul's itinary:... more »

  • * The Cold Attic Of The Mind

    Cold winter light, it does not seem
    As though warmth could ever return
    Ever replenish, refurnish
    The cold attic of the mind... more »

  • * There Lies Eternity

    There lies eternity under a leafy bough
    With twittering birds; a kind of silence
    Because there aren't any words anymore.... more »

  • * They Will Tell You

    They will tell you what to do and how to do it;
    They will tell you when to do it and why to do it.
    That is when an inner voice, a deeper voice
    Cries out loud: Just don't do it.... more »

  • * This Mind, This Body, This Verse.

    When the wilderness beckons, and the mind,
    Recalcitrant, struggles to obey:
    This body hasn't anything substantial to say.
    Only lines of verse can take them far, far away.... more »

  • * Wherever You May Walk

    Wherever you may walk, my heart goes with you.
    In acceptance, in silence, in the completion
    Of Absence; recognizing the emptiness of this life
    When you leave my presence. In knowing that... more »

  • A Bowl, A Coin, A Mat

    He sat there near the white pillar, waiting
    For a coin to dropp into the tin bowl
    Dented, indented with hazy souvenirs
    He waited on his thick cotton mat for a coin... more »

  • A Bridge, Some Dreams

    When that sadness comes upon me

    That mystic, mad melancholy;... more »

  • A Clock, A Street, A Tower

    There is a clock on a city street
    These pavings that have often known my feet
    There is a clock, a street and a tower
    That is the mystery of love's power.... more »

  • A Loner By Profession

    He says he is a loner by profession:
    He says he is not a garrulous kind.
    He says he needs to be alone
    Most of the time.... more »

  • A Lyrical Fantasy

    I wrote this poem for you; just a lyrical fantasy.
    Just some words that found their way onto a page.
    Unasked for, unbidden
    But not yet forbidden.... more »

  • A Mad Bird Was I

    I walked down that lonely road
    That sinuous, torturous bend
    You know how I hated
    The cold, the distance, my thoughts.... more »

  • A Niche For Me In Your Heart

    If you have some place
    Some place you could well spare
    Make a niche for me in your heart
    To warm me within your space... more »

  • A Storm Will Arise Tonight

    A storm will arise tonight.

    The wind has started ruffling the pages of my book
    The open window creaks, curtains billow.... more »

  • A Wooden Door, A Metal Key

    A plain wooden door, nerve-ridden
    A carved metal key, in my pocket hidden.

    And secrets that lie behind that blank facade... more »

  • Absences

    Silence. Long moments that stretch into years.
    Restrained words, sometimes gaps where names should be.
    Words, prayers, songs, imagination inflamed by memory.... more »

  • Acquiescence

    The questions you asked but to which I had no reply
    But I wished I had, the replies to
    The questions you had asked but never really asked
    Remained in my life, murmuring every now and again... more »

  • Adored

    All steps lead to your door; all paths lead to you somehow.

    When I saw you the very first time, it was evident to me... more »

  • Alas Alone Am I

    As despair weaves a cocoon around my shadow
    Alas, alone am I with my despair.
    I had waited for these clouds to lift I had prayed
    For these storms to cease... more »

  • Alcoves, Shadowed And Empty

    Alcoves, waiting to be filled or fulfilled
    Waiting in the recesses of my mind:
    Longing for the absolute self to find
    What goes where, when, how and why.... more »