• A Black Man's Destiny

    I've been there and back, now and then.
    But I'm here in the shadow now.
    Pacing back and fourth until I
    finish my quest for time.... more »

  • A Pot Gone Bad

    A pot gone bad
    So sad so sad
    He knew it was coming, because he made you mad.

    Your innocence and sweetness, he did not respect.
    Made you throw that large pot on the side of his neck.... more »

  • Brisk Moments

    As the sun dies down
    the cool brisk breeze begins to take over
    leaves of trees
    and the grass beneath,... more »

  • Destiny And Beyond

    If you mistakenly and willingly let negativity guide you, then you will never reach your destiny!

    Instead always stay positive, keep your mind right and focused, and therefore you will always succeed.... more »

  • Extreme Deficit

    Taking back everything that
    belongs to me and more.
    Wont let society tell me what my kids
    should and should not eat.... more »

  • Floetry

    LOve. MUsic. SOrrow.
    LOneliness. FRiendship. and LOst.
    It's all poetry.
    It flows through the heart... more »

  • Freedom Of Speech

    I NEVER understood why racism still exist.
    We all have the same arms, the same legs, the
    same eyes and possess the same human form!
    We are all the same in my EYES even if your... more »

  • Futuristic Illusion

    I think to myself while going
    forward in time,
    I have no control over the future.
    Because now the Earth’s Axis is... more »

  • Happiness

    HAPPINESS: Being You!
    Enjoying your inner being without
    interrupting your inner peace,
    whether it's enjoying the seagulls... more »

  • Her Love Gave Me Strength

    As she woke up in that bed,
    as calm as she could be.
    I knew she was mine, I looked,
    and said, yeah that's me.... more »

  • Hips Got Soul

    You can still be healthy and be a Super Model
    with thick wide hips.
    Not like your predecessor showing up in Cosmo
    or on television with skinny legs and... more »

  • Hypothetically Speaking

    A poets passion is to
    Fuss must or lust for that there of.
    Falsify plural denomination with a trust
    in your silky eye dust.... more »

  • In My Eyes

    In my eyes,
    you are king
    of all kings,... more »

  • Living Like Never Before

    2011 and about to make it to heaven,
    so what, never been scared or
    afraid of the dark and something feeling me, POWWW! '... more »

  • Love Within

    ... more »

  • Nothing But The Truth

    You use then you Abuse,
    You take then you are Fake,
    You lie so you always Deny,
    You burn then You Learn,... more »

  • Peace Of Mind

    In my quiet space
    there are thoughts
    that are all around me.
    With my mind being free... more »

  • Selfish Mind

    A mind that is empty,
    has no feelings for their surroundings
    and others.... more »

  • So Far Away

    So far away you are
    and I just can't take it anymore.

    The cold tears running from my eyes,... more »

  • Son Of God

    I'm that man who's willing to fight the fight alone.
    Always walking the fiery pit where some men
    wouldnt attempt to fine or define.... more »