• A Child

    'Its leap year', they say
    'what is a leap year', i ask.
    they look at me with a frown and asked in disbelief
    'Don't you know what a leap year is? '... more »

  • A Letter To Yesterday

    Last Night, Crushing out the waste
    With over trembling hands
    I sat to write a letter
    Aye, A letter to yesterday... more »

  • A Love Story

    Soft wind drifts around,
    Her hair danced with them...
    Flirting with his eyes...
    Her eyes translucent...... more »

  • A Moment In Memories

    the swing moved through and fro...
    I stood there in the middle
    of wonders and of mirages
    I stand too numb... more »

  • A Moment Of Scrimmage

    Here stands he before me
    Shock crept into me...
    To see him, even by chance
    I had always wished for...... more »

  • A Mourning

    Let me make some time,
    To mold some words!
    And in this busy life
    That might very well be a lot.... more »

  • A Murder

    Cold harsh wind blowing strong
    Slowly she walked around the lane
    Breathing in and out...
    Wiping out those tears trailing down...... more »

  • A Sequel Of The Serendipity

    soft, warm lips moving over her face
    big, gentle arms moving over her...
    dark black eyes locked in hers...
    Heart beats like a drum... more »

  • A Thought Worth A Penny

    Lament is what I feel
    Seeing all this utter idiocies
    What matter if the name be?
    Suzanne, Fatima or Devi? ?... more »

  • A Tribute To Death

    He comes to me all the time
    especially when i am alone..
    He moves His hand over my limbs..
    whispering on my lips...... more »

  • A Victim

    Feeble my cries now sound
    Hushed by the roars of laughter
    My tears now run in vain
    Masked by the smiling faces...... more »

  • An Abrupt Cry!

    Soaked in the tears of angels,
    On the clumpy road I walk.
    Ravens flies over head.
    The vultures awaits the dead.... more »

  • An Autumn Night

    On the silent road
    I stand too still,
    afraid to move a trifle
    The red tree, lifelesss,... more »

  • An Epitome Of Monstrosity

    I: Of Cruelty

    Red painted Caravans,
    Spread long before the world.... more »

  • Anticipation

    The breeze of the eve
    Blows over me, softly...
    The dazzled daffodils
    Dances around the wild...... more »

  • Cycle Of Nature

    so what, the seasons change
    so fast so that nobody can keep track?
    accustomed to the chages of nature
    all she does is welcomes it...... more »

  • Death

    Crawling upon the stairs of life
    The shadows of death finds the soul.
    'Come, come to me' hails their voices
    'for peace lies within death'.... more »

  • Dreams

    I have dreams,
    dreams of a thousand things
    to walk miles and miles
    with him by my side... more »

  • Girl, Who Nobody Knew

    And the girl with so many dreams finally quite...
    Without a final good bye,
    She left the things she loved...
    Search her not,... more »

  • Grin

    Out of the corner of lips
    That crooked grin broke out.
    The soften lips wide spread
    Like a piece of silken carpet.... more »

  • Guilt

    Lying on the bed,
    my eyes fixed on the ceiling
    a thousand emotions runs over me
    a havoc it causes in me...... more »

  • Hail Of Reality

    The blood in the streets stops my ink
    when they curve to scribbles words of beauty
    beauty is around for all to see
    and people sigh at the sight of it often... more »

  • Helpless

    Adieu is not goodbye
    Adieu is not farewell
    Adieu is simply a promise
    to wait forever till you are back...... more »

  • In His Arms

    As the twilight befalls them
    they are enclosed in their own world.
    the warm embraces,
    the sizzling kisses.... more »

  • In The Fond Memory Of The Society

    Tonight in this crowd I stand
    In a state of scrimmage...
    I see the brutality of the society
    The poor becomes poorer... more »