• Around The Edge

    ... more »

  • As Time Flies By

    As time flies by I realize
    I've done some things wrong
    I've done some things right
    But I do not understand why... more »

  • Black Beauty

    Black Beauty

    The day I brought her home
    she had no particular form... more »

  • Blank

    Draw it
    or spell it
    Write it down
    or describe how it is... more »

  • Dreams

    Waiting for my turn, I stood there

    the storm blew against me from nowhere... more »

  • Free Fall

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  • Happiness

    Smile at the strange bystander
    Feed the stray dog which wags the tail at you
    Help the blind man across the road
    Show the way to a lost person... more »

  • I Do See

    cannot see the rain
    Nor the birds on the tree
    I cannot see a smile
    Nor the beauty of your face... more »

  • It Rained That Day...

    I waited in the park for long
    She wanted me to be there
    I watched the cranes fly back... more »

  • No Promises

    There are miles to go before I sleep
    Mountains to climb and rivers to cross
    Dense forest to traverse and meadows to sweep
    A life to waste for what reasons gross... more »

  • On The Top

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  • Rains Of May

    A flash of light in the sky
    A dropp of water on my forehead
    Or was it the sweat?
    I stood still expecting the downpour... more »

  • The Twinkle Of My Eyes

    Don’t fall for the bangle

    Or feel it will be a triangle... more »

  • Waiting For You

    here comes another work...the state of trepidation of a lover who wants his friend to be more than what she's to him...waiting for her to accept him...for all those lovers... here it goes! ! !

    Waiting for you... more »

  • You Live No More

    Atlast we exchanged good byes
    I knew this was the moment
    When we parted
    From each other's lives... more »