Am jes a young man who hails from the family of five, am a native of Abua...Amalem to be precise all in rivers state of nigeria.i love reading novels listening to inspiring music.



My Calypso Experience

Her soakling radiant eyes met mine, and mine lost in hers.her beautiful frame baited me and i started ploding towards her.
She asked me to kiss her, i did...that which i speak with fell in love with nicely built frame.... more »

A Cold Bath At 12midnight, With A Friend Watching

I paced out that wacky hour, and sent the wind an errand to the night dew, and to exaggerate it....not even a blink she came standing on her feet....... more »

I Can'T Help But Wait(Nengi)

I can't help but wait...yes like that beautiful kingfisher intending to feed on that fish beneath the sea, i'll hold myself in faith....

Am likely to meet malign thoughts, pseudo friends but still tacturn into there ears, i'm jes but a swain.....zilch shall make me pensive, cause i know am not waiting in vain....... more »


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