• I Trust You

    As I look into your eyes,
    Lay within your arms,
    I wish you would take the pain away,
    Just wash it all away.... more »

  • If Only

    It's so easy to emphasize,
    But its even easier to criticise,
    My faults are all thats seen by you,
    Tears are shed as if they were dew,... more »

  • Im Proud

    You look at me and think...'DISAPPOINTMENT',
    You look at me and think...'REGRET',
    But i look at you and wonder,
    Is there even one such day in my life when you haven't been insulted by my blunder? ,... more »

  • In Love

    The rain is falling fast and hard,
    But in my heart there is a warm and steady glow,
    The heat of the sun is within me,
    The glow of the pearl is all that I need,... more »

  • Love

    Love is a mystery,
    A veiled treasure,
    A secret that lives on forever.... more »

  • Memories

    My memories are flowing like a river without sound,
    Its getting harder to remember each day that counts,
    A thousand lifetimes I've lived in this one life,
    I want to pause on the moments I love the best,... more »

  • The Truth

    The truth is rare,
    Like a pearl in an oyster,
    In an ocean of lies,
    A teardropp finds it hard to survive,... more »